The Recipe For Success When Fishing Nearshore Reefs

Is there a RECIPE for success when fishing nearshore reefs??

I haven’t really focused much on nearshore fishing in the past until this year.

But it has quickly become one of my favorite ways to target fish and get tight lines.

Take a look below at the #1 jig I’ve been relying on to consistently get the job done!

The Recipe For Success When Fishing Nearshore Reefs [VIDEO]

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Here are the nearshore reef combos that I have personally used and highly recommend:




My strategy as of late has been to actively jig the Power Prawn USA lure rigged on a Hoss Weedless Football Jighead in addition to a swimmer crab on a bait hook if we find them.

This approach has absolutely paid off on every nearshore trip.

The key is to remain stealthy and know the reef.

Don’t motor the boat across the reef and kill the bite.

If you know the reef in relation to the boat, you’ll be in the strike zone every time.

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Justin Carrol
3 months ago

Thanks for the nearshore video. That’s something that I had hoped for more of from Salt Strong and it looks like you’re adding it in. Thank you for that. Much appreciated. I come out of Gordon pass in Naples and it doesn’t look like you can see any of the reef structure in my area on the smart fishing app unless I’m not using it properly. Either way, please keep the near shore videos coming.

Ronald Peedin
3 months ago


Charles Sever
3 months ago

Hi Luke,
Happy to see your nearshore video on how to fish reefs. The tactics you review make a lot of sense as far as not spooking the fish. I would love to see more videos and tips on fishing reefs. On those fairly calm days it is a great option to try. I’m in the st Lucie inlet area that has a great number of artificial reefs to try. Any additional nearshore tips would be appreciated.

Glenn Nunemaker
3 months ago

Great video! You might want to consider reaching out to Return Em Right (Return ‘Em Right: HomeReturn ‘Em Right if you are going to do reefs. Great program offering free training and gear to get fish back down safely.

donald wagers
3 months ago

Honestly thats cool, but in MS not working as much

Scott Posgai
3 months ago

I fish out of Fort Pierce. I was wondering how you determine what part of the reef that you fish. Do you look for large ledges or do you look for fish on the depth finder?

Dallas Bechtel
3 months ago

Luke, great video! When you use the bite tipet, are you using a uni to uni type knot to tie them together? Why not just use a 30 or 40 lb leader and skip the tipet especially if you are going with the same weight as the leader?

Guy Stephens
3 months ago

How far out do you guy consider “near shore”

Scott Posgai
3 months ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

So you consider nearshore anything more than a mile from sure not closer than a mile? If it is more than 1 mile, how much farther do you go, until you hit a good reef?

Brad Anderson
3 months ago

Is there a video on tying a “Tip It?”

terry hinton
3 months ago

Thank you Luke love the video!


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