Are You Making One Of These Six Inshore Kayak Fishing Mistakes?

By: Joseph Simonds on January 30, 2017
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kayak fishing skunk factor

Do you know your #1 Kayak Fishing SKUNK Factor?

With well over 15,000 inshore anglers taking our popular “Redfish Skunk Factor” analysis tool, we had multiple requests to do another one.

So we spent some time with kayak angler Tony Acevedo to identify the six main “mistakes”, aka “Skunk Factors”, that inshore anglers were making when it comes to catching consistent fish from your kayak.

Here are the six kayak skunk factors:

  1. Dead Zone Dan
  2. No Plan Norm
  3. Wrong Equipment Wilburn
  4. Too Much Tackle Terry
  5. Spooky Sam
  6. Hurricane Harry

Want to find out your #1 kayak skunk factor?

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kayak skunk factor

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