Cut Bait vs. Artifical Lures: Sightfishing For Bull Redfish

By: Tony Acevedo on December 3, 2019
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bull redfish artificial lures vs cut bait

Cut bait fishing for redfish vs artificial lures for catching redfish…

Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

It’s tough to ignore the power of cut bait (or live bait) for catching big bull redfish, but it also has a disadvantage in that you can’t make cut bait look natural and create a reaction strike (or cover as much ground).

In this video, I’m going to show how to catch bull redfish with both types of bait, and the subtle changes you need to make when using each one that makes all the difference.


Cut Bait vs. Artificial Lures For Redfish [VIDEO]

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Whether you’re fishing with artificial lures or cut bait, you want to cast to where the redfish are headed.

If you cast right on top of them, it can sometimes spook them.

And with both types of baits, you want to use their strengths to your advantage.

With cut bait, the big advantage is scent, so you want to let it sit there and let the redfish find it with their noses.

With artificial lures, the big advantage is generating reaction strikes, so a few twitches of the lure will get their attention.


catching bull redfish

You can catch redfish with both cut bait and artificial lures as long as they’re feeding and you present your bait or lure the right way.

But the key is that you find them feeding.

This can be tough to do because the fish aren’t always in the same spots.

You may find them one day, but the next day they’re gone.

The thing is, fish move every day based on weather, tide, season, etc.

But knowing the trends that make these fish move and where they go can help you catch them more consistently.

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Have any questions about catching bull redfish?

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Dennis Patton

Thank for sending the link o drag settings. ‘preciate it.

Dave Hair

I agree. Love that sound. Those were some big boys! Love that feeling of sight fishing for redfish. Nothing beats it!

Colin Millwood

Would it be possible to provide details of rod and reels used in each video. Regards

Dennis Patton

Great music your drag was playing! A while back I saw an article about setting your drag. It may have been in one of the line test videos. Could you please send me a link to it. Thanks again for all the great info.

Robert Ricketts
Dennis Patton

Thanks Robert. Just the one I was thinking of.

Phillip Butler


Thomas Campbell

Awesome vid man! Now witch method do you prefer? I have gone completely away from real bait and only use artificials now. Haven’t gotten a bull red with artificial Yet, but I’m trying

Travis Carricato

Love to hear that reel screaming. Great tip, they keep me learning and trying new proven tactics. Great Job, Tony.