Retrieving Lures

3 Tips To Catch Fish With The Power Prawn Rigged Under A Popping Cork

Want to catch more redfish and trout with shrimp lures rigged under popping corks? These three tips can help take you from wondering why...
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The “Bait & Switch” Topwater Lure Trick

It’s top water time! Spring is an awesome time to pull out the topwater lures to entice a strike from a big fish in the...
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How To Set The Hook With Shrimp Jigs (8 Fish Caught In 8 Casts)

Want to improve your hookup ratio? Setting the hook properly is one way to do that. Most people aren't doing it right, and it's stopping...
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Why Holding Your Rod Tip Up Or Down Makes A Big Difference

Should you hold your rod tip up or down when retrieving your lure? It depends on the conditions (mostly wind and depth), and how the fish...
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How To Retrieve A Shrimp Jig (When Fishing Docks)

Want to catch more fish using shrimp jigs under docks? Retrieving them correctly is one of the most important keys to doing so because it...
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Weed Guards vs. Weedless Hooks: Best Way To Rig Lures Weedless

Want to rig your lures weedless? Here are two options: using a hook with a weed guard or skin hooking a lure. Check out the pros and cons of...
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How To Set The Hook When Fishing With Big Paddletails

Want to catch more fish on artificial lures this fall? Big paddletails are your best option, but if you don't set the hook correctly, then...
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Top 3 Artificial Lure Mistakes That Cause Anglers To Get Skunked

These lure mistakes are really common and cause anglers to get skunked, but the good news is that they're easily fixed if you know what...
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Best Lure For Doormat Flounder (And How To Use It To Catch More Fish)

Want to know what the best lure for big flounder is? Since flounder have big teeth and jaws that are geared toward grabbing baitfish above them, the best...
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Aggressive vs. Finicky Redfish: How To Catch Redfish In Every Situation

Want to learn how to catch redfish (even if they're being picky)? Catching aggressive redfish is different than catching spooky redfish, so see how to...
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The Best Lure To Catch Backcountry Juvenile Tarpon

Want to catch more juvenile tarpon? See the best lure to catch them here. You'll also learn how to rig them and why color matters so much.
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Trout vs. Redfish: How To Catch Each Species On Topwater Lures

Want to specifically target redfish or trout on topwater lures? Check out this video to see how their biology affects how to catch them.
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How Fast To Retrieve Topwater Lures (To Catch More Fish)

Want to know how fast to retrieve your topwater lures? See our process for determining retrieve speed (and catching more fish on topwaters) here.
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What To Do If The Fish Aren’t Biting (Before Changing Your Lure)

What do you do when the fish aren't biting? Switch lures? Move spots? Try this next time to catch more fish (and save your precious time on the water).
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Best Redfish, Snook, Pompano, & Trout Lures For SUMMER

Want to know what the best summer fishing lures are? Check out this video and see the best lure colors, sizes, types, and much more to catch big fish now.
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