Retrieving Lures

You’re Missing Fish Because Of These 2 Things…

You're missing fish because of this...Anglers repeatedly forget to take these TWO things into account on each fishing trip...
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Easy Way To Catch Grouper & Cobia Nearshore

Luke knows the secrets of how to catch grouper and cobia nearshore on top of reefs and bottom structure. So many comments have been...
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How To Retrieve Shrimp Jigs On Nearshore Reefs For Grouper, Cobia, & More

Tons of questions have been coming in asking how to retrieve shrimp jigs on nearshore reefs. I recently had an incredible day crushing...
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How To Fish Popping Corks 101 [Spots, Retrieves, & Gear]

Welcome to How to fish popping corks 101! In this video, we'll be talking EVERYTHING popping corks from the best spots to use...
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#1 Topwater Lure Mistake During The Fall

We've got to STOP making this topwater lure mistake during fall. Fall is one of the best times of the year to hit the water and get...
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Uncovering Current Fall Redfish Trends [Fishing Report]

Coach Matt Lanier and I had the chance to hit the water on a picture-perfect fall day to pick up on current fall redfish trends...
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The Power Prawn USA Donkey Rig [Materials & Assembly]

Here's how to tie the Power Prawn USA Donkey Rig...A donkey rig is a way to tie TWO lures onto a single rig so you have double the chances...
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How To Rig A Popping Cork The RIGHT Way

Here's how to rig a popping cork the RIGHT way... Lately, the popping cork has been extremely kind to me and has brought me...
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Debunking The #1 Topwater Myth

Today, we're debunking the #1 topwater MYTH. I had a great day of fishing in the lagoon and picked up on something that many anglers...
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How To Retrieve A Popping Cork For Best Results

Is there a special trick or method for how to retrieve popping corks? How do you create the ultimate "pop" to trigger strikes? Find out...
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How To Easily Trigger Topwater Strikes

Here's how to easily trigger topwater strikes with any type of surface lure!! Topwater action is just so much fun. Find out more in the...
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How Should You Retrieve The Strike King KVD Wake Bait???

What's the best way to retrieve the Strike King Wake Bait? Should you work it like a topwater lure or simply reel it in with a straight...
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#1 Way To Target Inshore Fish Around Deepwater Docks

What's the best way to target inshore fish around deepwater docks? Deepwater docks are a phenomenal spot to fish, especially as it begins...
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How To Catch Schooling Redfish Using Salt Strong Fishing Lessons

Here's how to catch schooling redfish using Salt Strong Fishing Lessons!! I was out fishing with a fellow Insider Member and we found...
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BOMBER Paddletail Lure Color Test [Gold Digger VS. Slam Shady]

I shook things up and conducted a BOMBER Paddletail lure color test in my last Insider Report! Will the Gold Digger or Slam Shady perform...
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