Retrieving Lures

How & When To Set The Hook While Fishing With Paddletail Lures

How do you know WHEN to set the hook while fishing with paddletail lures? It's time to put an end to failed hooksets and lost fish...
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Power Fishing For Inshore Slams Mini Course [Case Study & Tutorials]

Power Fishing can be one of the most productive types of fishing for consistently catching inshore slams for those who do it properly... learn how here.
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EPIC Topwater Redfish Bite Fuels Inshore Tournament Victory!

While fishing with Insiders, we ran into an EPIC topwater redfish bite that fueled a tournament victory! We found huge schools of tailing...
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The Best Summertime Tide Leads Us Right To The Fish

A couple of Insiders and I hit the water on the BEST summertime tide that led us right to the fish! It was SUPER early in the morning...
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Pink Jerk Shad Out-Fishes Everything Today!

To our surprise, THIS Pink Jerk Shad Out-Fished Everything Today! I don't change up my lures often. Slam Shady 2.0 is my confidence...
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2 Of The Best Summer Lures & How To Retrieve Them

What are the best summer lures and how should you retrieve them to get the most strikes? In the HEAT of summer, it can be a challenge...
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The Mulligan Lure Mini-Course [Rigging, Retrieving, & More]

The Mulligan lure has proven to be a top producer generating strikes due to its superior casting distance and great action in the water...
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#1 Most Common Mistake When Fishing With Spoons

THIS is the #1 mistake when fishing with spoons I commonly see out on the water. I myself made this same mistake for a long time until...
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Equipment Needed To Skip Lures Underneath Docks or Mangroves

Especially in the summertime, skipping lures below docks or mangroves is critical. More often than not, the fish are seeking that shade...
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How To Retrieve The Mulligan Paddletail Near Oysters

This is how to retrieve the Mulligan Paddletail near oysters to trigger more strikes! Oyster bars provide instant hotspots to target...
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Testing A New Lure While Finding Spots With Oyster Locator Tool

I had the chance to test out a new lure while finding spots with our oyster locator tool! One of our very own Salt Strong Insider Members...
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Why Hook Choice Is So Important With Z-Man Kicker CrabZ [Underwater Proof]

This underwater proof shows why hook choice is SO important with Z-Man Kicker CrabZ!!! These have quickly become a mainstay in my...
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How To Trigger Topwater Strikes On Terrible Days

These are the easiest methods to trigger topwater strikes on terrible days. Topwater eats are just downright AWESOME!!...
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How To Catch An Inshore Slam Under The Worst Conditions

This report shows a great example of how to catch an inshore slam under the worst conditions. I had the pleasure of fishing with the...
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Lure Color Contest: Pink VS. White Soft Plastic Lures

In a lure color contest, who wins: Pink VS. White??? This test features the reliable Slam Shady lure color VS. one of our newer lure...
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