Why You Need To Use THIS Forgotten Wintertime Technique

This forgotten wintertime technique has been working so well lately that I just had to share it with you.

Typically, you would break this type of rig out for the spring bite.

But, I gave it a go this winter and haven’t looked back.

Take a closer look in the video below!!

Forgotten Wintertime Technique [VIDEO]

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I’m talking about the WEIGHTLESS Jerk Shad rig!

As I mentioned, this is a popular springtime technique.

But, under the right conditions, this can be a secret weapon for you this winter.

One of the top reasons people struggle to catch fish in the wintertime is fishing too fast.

They retrieve their lures way too fast and miss out on the bite.

If you’re fishing too fast with a weightless jerk shad, it will move right up to the surface.

That is not where the fish are going to be eating.

They’re down on the bottom looking to pick off easy meals.

Additionally, as this rig falls, it has a slow descent similar to that of a stunned or dying baitfish.

As a word of warning, you need to use the right type of plastic for this technique.

You need plastisol lures and not those made out of TPE.

There’s nothing wrong with TPE lures, however, they float and with a weightless rig you won’t have the desired outcomes.

How To Retrieve Weightless Rigs

First, cast out the lure and let it sink to the bottom before closing the bail.

Then, give the lure a few twitches and pause to let it sink back down to the bottom.

The twitches need to be light and not aggressive while keeping the rod tip pointed down.

Keep your eyes on the line – any twitch or movement that doesn’t look normal is likely a fish.

The maximum depth you’ll want to fish this rig is 3 feet or less.

Also, you need a few warm days leading into the day you plan to fish for this setup.


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Thomas Utley
3 months ago

Very good video and very informative

William (Bill) Krenek
4 months ago

Thanks Pat

George Layton
4 months ago

Tried & true method Pat; NOW, if this Florida wind would give uus a break !!!!

Craig Simpson
4 months ago

Great vid. My fav sight fishing setup in skinny water 👍🏼

Bill Hayden
4 months ago

GREAT video Pat. Thanks.

Terry McLaughlin
4 months ago

Thanks Pat for another informative video I really appreciate your explanations of some of your techniques

Luis Arroyo Arroyo
4 months ago

Awesome video Pat well explained, I thought car salesman were the only ones who could sell, but you got them beat! Very confident and persuasive! Salt strong is lucky to have you! Keep get’em…

Steven Free
4 months ago

Yea pat a jerkshad is one lure I don’t use very much even though I do have a very wide assortment of them I have all the saltstrong colors and I have caught fish on them to I guess it’s probably because my other lures that have caught me tons of fish that I have extreme confidence in i use mote like for instance the chasebaits flick prawn in jelly color is my favorite SHALLOW water plastic shrimp but anything over about 6 ft I use a saltstrong power prawn but the chasebaits with its eighth ounce worm weight and tpe plastic make it act like a weedless jerkshad because the weight just gives it enough of a pretty slow sink rate that fish seem to want it hitting it very aggressively but like I said only in pretty shallow water anything over about 6 ft it sinks way to slow and doesn’t get to the bottom fast enough and the tide will move it to fast but the last couple times out I have caught all my fish on it but that’s been 2 weeks now since I have gone because this last week I have been getting my outboards yearly every hundred hour service done and now it’s done but right afterwards I took it to my trailer guy to annually repack my wheel bearings I do all my maintanance during the winter months because it’s not as busy and it can usually be done sooner then if I waited till the spring when everyone else is trying to get there boat ready for spring to me that’s common sence a thing thank God I still have considering I’m a baby boomer now just turned 60 Jan 3rd something it seems like the newer generations lack considerably but thats another issue and story but I might just try the weightless jerkshad especially if I can’t get them on my chasebaits flick prawn thanks for the info and all you do😉👍


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