Artifical Lure Tips

Here is the homepage for tutorials, reviews, tips, and how-to’s with artificial lures!

Be sure to check out the mini-courses for each style of artificial lure! Presentation comes first before everything else. A $2 lure can work just as well as a $20 if it’s fished correctly

Introducing The Skinny Lipper: Perfect Blend Of Topwater & Jerk Bait

We are SO EXCITED to introduce the NEW Skinny Lipper lure! This is the perfect blend between a topwater lure and a jerk bait...
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Hoss Helix Hooks VS. Football Jigheads [When To Use Each Hook Style]

Hoss Helix Hooks VS. Football Jigheads - when should you use either hook style?These are two of the most common hook styles to use...
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How To Choose Lure Color Based On Tides

Are there any methods to choose lure color based on tides? What conditions and other factors should you base your choice on?...
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Casting Lures VS. Live Bait (#1 Issue Among Inshore Anglers)

Lures VS. Live Bait - what are the right casting techniques for either approach? The #1 issue I see among inshore anglers is...
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How To Navigate Fishing A Late-Spring Cold Front

How can you still get tight lines after a late-spring cold front rolls through?? It was a bit chilly just a couple of weeks ago after a...
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Shrimp or Swimbait? Power Prawn USA Junior VS. Gold Digger 2.0

This video features a showdown between shrimp lures and paddletails: the Power Prawn USA Junior VS Gold Digger 2.0 Paddletail!...
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Topwater Diver Lure? This Thing Is Sick!

It's like a combination of a topwater diver lure, a subsurface lure, and a twitch bait... and so far, the redfish, trout, and snook have...
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#1 Retrieve For Artificial Shrimp Lures In Shallow Water

When fishing with the Power Prawn USA and other shrimp lures, ONE retrieve has stood out to trigger more strikes than any other technique. And...
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Sight Fishing Lure Experiment: What Role Does Lure Color Play?

Welcome back for another sight fishing lure experiment! In this test, I was curious to see the role lure color plays (if any) in catching...
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A Guide To When & Why You Should Use A Loop Knot

This video is all about why you should use a loop knot with certain hooks and lures. There are some lures and hooks you don’t...
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Adding Eyes To Fishing Lures With A Marker: Will Scent Impact My Success?

Last week, we shared a quick fishing lure hack to add eyes to lures with a marker to trigger more strikes. However, many protested that...
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The Secret Weapon: NEW Power Prawn USA Shrimptreuse Lure

The NEW Power Prawn USA Shrimptreuse Lure is FINALLY here!!! We took the Power Prawn USA and dyed their tails with chartreuse!...
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Shrimp Lures VS. Paddletails [When Should You Use Each?]

Shrimp Lures VS Paddletails – when are the best times to use either style of lure? These are the two types of lures that I...
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What Lure Color Works Best When Fishing New Areas?

What lure color works best when fishing new areas??? Do you have a favorite color that you have the confidence to use in ANY type of...
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Does Lure Color Matter When Sight Casting? [Insider Report]

We have been saying for quite a while that the most important thing you can do to catch more fish is to find the feeding...
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