Artifical Lure Tips

Here is the homepage for tutorials, reviews, tips, and how-to’s with artificial lures!

Be sure to check out the mini-courses for each style of artificial lure! Presentation comes first before everything else. A $2 lure can work just as well as a $20 if it’s fished correctly

Inshore Wake Bait Showdown: KVD vs NEW Prototype

We’ve been working on our own proprietary Wake Bait behind the scenes. With Coach Matt’s repeated success on the KVD Wake Bait, we had to...
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Underwater Dock Footage Shows Why You Need Weedless Rigs!

Don't miss this underwater dock footage!! It's no secret that predatory fish want to cling tight to structure. It makes them feel safe...
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Prototype Lure Test [Inshore Slam Without A Trolling Motor]

Using a NEW prototype lure, I reeled in an inshore slam without a trolling motor! There are simple little tricks you can use to help you...
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Snap Swivel vs Loop Knot On Topwater Lures [Rigging Comparison]

Should you use Snap Swivels with topwater lures? Probably not. Here’s why… Snap Swivel vs Loop Knot On Topwater Lures [VIDEO] Get the Moonwalker Topwater...
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How To Turn Any Jighead Into A Weedless Rig

This is how EASY it is to turn any jighead into a weedless rig! All it takes is a small piece of heavy monofilament leader. Check it out!!
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Redfish crush this NEW Tweaker Lure!!! Joe and I were out on a flat and came up on a school of solid redfish. We tossed the Polk County...
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Wade Fishing From The Surf For Springtime Trout [Beach To Bay]

I joined up with Wader Dave for some wade fishing from the surf! We started off fishing out on the beach in the Gulf of Mexico and...
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Hack To Make Almost Any Jighead Completely Weedless

You can take any jighead with one small trick and make it weedless! All it takes is a small piece of heavy monofilament leader. Here’s...
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What To Do When You See Redfish Tailing Everywhere!

While fishing the Florida Redfish Series Tournament in Panama City, I came across dozens of tailing redfish! This is exactly what you hope to see...
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Tweaker vs Skinny Lipper

In this LIVE on the water podcast, Luke and I go head to head with two of our favorite lures... the Polk County Tweaker vs Skinny Lipper...
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How Speckled Trout See Lure Colors [Human vs. Trout Vision]

This video might completely change how you feel about lure colors. Specifically, color selection when targeting speckled seatrout...
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High Tide Tactics For Early Spring [Member Makeover]

It was a beautiful morning as I launched the kayak ready to tackle the incoming high tide out on the water. The second we launched...
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The Popping Cork Challenge

Find out how a popping cork does against a normal paddletail lure (Slam Shady 2.0) on a windy day. We went head to head to see which setup...
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Do Popping Corks Really Get More Strikes? [Corks VS. Jigheads]

Do popping corks get more strikes? I hit the water to find out. With the same lure, will a popping cork get more strikes than a jighead?...
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Easiest Ways To Catch Saltwater Fish With Lures [Case Study]

Are you struggling to catch saltwater fishing with lures? You're not alone. It can be challenging to switch to solely relying on lures...
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