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Here is the homepage for tutorials, reviews, tips, and how-to’s with artificial lures!

Be sure to check out the mini-courses for each style of artificial lure! Presentation comes first before everything else. A $2 lure can work just as well as a $20 if it’s fished correctly

What’s Inside The Ultimate Spring Bundle? [Lures, Hooks, & More!]

Introducing the ULTIMATE Spring Bundle! Happy 1st day of Spring Salt Strong Nation!! Warmer days are ahead - are you ready...
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How To Find Redfish & Trout (South Carolina Edition)

Struggling to find redfish & trout in South Carolina during the wintertime? John Menchyk (Fishful Thinking Fishing on YouTube) put a few...
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#1 Mistake That Leads To Lost Trophy Fish

This costly mistake could cause you to LOSE out on trophy fish! It hurt me big time on my last trip out. Here’s how to...
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Found A Hidden Lake Full Of Fish [And Crazy Pelican]

I found a HIDDEN LAKE full of fish! The paddleboard hadn't been out in a while and this was the perfect chance to put it back in action...
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When You See THIS, Throw Away The Plan! [Insider Report]

I had a game plan all mapped out to fish a brand new area. But, once I launched my kayak something caught my eye. Sometimes,...
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From Twitch to Tweaker [My Favorite Spring Lure Has A NEW Name!]

Why'd we change it from the Twitch to Tweaker??? As of late, this lure has absolutely crushed all sorts of inshore saltwater fish...
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Polk County TWEAKER vs Slam Shady 2.0

The Polk County Tweaker vs the Slam Shady 2.0. It's lure face off time! Listen in to this LIVE on the water fishing contest...
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How To Adjust The Weight On Hoss Helix Hooks [Depth Control & Presentation]

You might not know it, but the position of the weight on rigging hooks impacts lure behavior. This adjusts the action and fall rate of...
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Hoss Weedless Football VS. Hoss Helix Hooks [When To Use Either Style]

The Hoss Helix Hooks and the Hoss Weedless Football jighead are the two most popular rigging hooks in the Fish Strong shop. But, there are...
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Depth Guide for Rigging Soft Plastics By Depth Range [Cheat Sheet PDF]

How do you know when to use what lure? Or what weight of a jighead? It has a lot to do with the depth of the water and...
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How To Effectively Feel Bottom When Fishing With Artificial Lures

How do you know if your actually fishing the bottom or not with artificial lures? I’ve seen this question come in a lot lately so...
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Top Retrieves With Artificial Shrimp Lures For Inshore Fishing

It is no secret that using artificial shrimp lures for inshore fishing is an excellent way to trigger BIG bites! Only thing is, if you...
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Pre-Frontal Fishing With Insider Members [Tactics, Lures, & More!]

It was a brisk winter morning – BUT we were on a warming trend. It was the LAST day of a warming trend right before...
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Underwater Comparison: Twitch VS. Prawn USA VS. Jerk Shads

In case you missed it, we released a BRAND NEW soft plastic lure last week. We call it: The TWITCH! Since then, a few requests...
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How Paddletail Action Compares Based On Hook Weight

In a recent Insider EXCLUSIVE, I tested how paddletail action compares based on hook weight. Different weights and sizes of hooks can have...
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