Artifical Lure Tips

Here is the homepage for tutorials, reviews, tips, and how-to’s with artificial lures!

Be sure to check out the mini-courses for each style of artificial lure! Presentation comes first before everything else. A $2 lure can work just as well as a $20 if it’s fished correctly

Depth Guide for Rigging Soft Plastics By Depth Range [Cheat Sheet PDF]

How do you know when to use what lure? Or what weight of a jighead? It has a lot to do with the depth of the water and...
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Late Winter Exploration Trip To New Territory In St. Petersburg, Florida

My trusty pal Otis joined me on a late winter exploration trip in St. Petersburg!! There was barely a hint of wind and the skies were...
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Dialing In On Winter Specked Trout In A New Spot

We're dialing in on the winter trout bite in this one!! A small crew of wade anglers including myself, the famous WADER DAVE, and a...
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Casting Artificial Lures From Piers, Bridges, or Shorelines [Tutorial]

All too often I see mistakes when casting artificial lures from piers, bridges, docks, and even shorelines. I'm talking about fishing from...
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Hoss Weedless Football Jigheads VS. Z-Man Texas Eye Jigheads

Hoss Weedless Football Jigheads VS Z-Man Texas Eye Jigheads. In this video, we'll detail the Pros and Cons of Hoss Weedless Football...
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Jigging Around Bridges For Black Drum (Lures & Retrieves)

Here's how easy it is to go jigging around bridges for black drum! I actually ran into these fish by mistake!!!...
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90/10 Fishing Recipe In Action In Marco Island, FL

Check out the 90/10 Fishing Recipe in action on a recent trip to Marco Island, Florida. I met up with Insider Member Joe Hammond to see...
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Perfect Example Of Pre-Frontal 90/10 Recipe [Insider Report]

In this report, I was actually going to the water to film some fishing tips for the Insiders but I noticed a perfect scenario lining...
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Pro Ned Rig Tips For All Levels [Mini-Course]

This Mini-Course is designed to introduce you to the Ned Rig, in case you haven't heard of it, and give you all the information you need...
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Roadside Ditch Snook & Tarpon Fishing In The Everglades

I've always wanted to stop to do some roadside ditch snook and tarpon fishing in the Everglades. Just last week, I finally got my chance...
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How To Fish A Super Low Or A Negative Tide

What is a negative tide? What do you need to do differently when fishing a negative tide? I'll show you how to fish a negative tide...
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Texas Wade Fishing For Redfish & Trout Before A Major Front

I hit the water with Insider Member Wes Hall to go wade fishing for redfish and trout before a major front swept through Texas. The name of...
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The Mulligan: Engineered So You Catch Fish Others Can’t Reach

We all agree that he or she who can cast the farthest will reach more fish. Now here's a lure that gives you a massive advantage...
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Quickest & Easiest Way To Find Winter Speckled Trout

What's an easy way to find winter speckled trout this time of the year?? I found myself fishing just south of Savannah under the potential...
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How To Effectively Fish Nearshore Reefs With Artificial Lures

Where do you start to fish a nearshore reef with artificial lures? I had a few hours to quickly get out and hit a nearshore reef after...
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