Underwater Dock Footage Shows Why You Need Weedless Rigs!

Don’t miss this underwater dock footage!!

It’s no secret that predatory fish want to cling tight to structure.

It makes them feel safe and allows them to ambush unsuspecting bait passing by.

But, if you aren’t using weedless shrimp rigs, you’ll snag more dock pilings than fish!!!

Check this out…

Underwater Dock Footage [VIDEO]

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Prawn USA Junior Rig:

Prawn USA Original Rig:

Regardless of if you are targeting redfish, seatrout, snook, or other inshore species, they are all going to stage underneath docks.

As you can see from the footage, they are right beneath the dock.

They sit as far back into the darkness as possible and barely shift back and forth.

So if we can’t get our baits and lures right up close to them in these areas, we won’t get any bites.

For years, I would cast jigs towards the dock and then retrieve them away from the structure with minimal success.

This all changed once I started skipping weedless lures underneath the docks.

My catch-rate skyrocketed once I started bouncing shrimp lures in these target areas.

But, it is crucial to do so with weedless rigs.

My favorite rig for this type of fishing is the Prawn USA shrimp lure rigged on a Hoss Weedless Football Jighead – by far!

Not just for quantity of fish but also quality.

Whenever fishing around deep structure, this is my most trusted setup.

If I’m going after BIG fish, I’ll use the larger Prawn to effectively skip beneath the docks.

But, if I’m going for quantity just trying to get bites, I’ll use the Junior size.

If you have any additional questions about the gear, any of the techniques you saw, or really anything else – please go ahead and let me know down in the comments section!!

I would love to hear from you!

Have you had any success lately with the Power Prawn USA?

Please share below!

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Gary Bowen
4 days ago

Great tips

Michael Guay
5 days ago

Thanks 👍😎🌴🇺🇸

Matt Bloch
5 days ago

Really cool video. Need to change up my game.

David Johnson
5 days ago

Really cool seeing so many fish. Thanks for the video.

Chad Bogle
6 days ago

I know I’ve been making the same mistakes by casting up to the docks/structure and not getting underneath them. Going to change my methods. Just got my prawns in and can’t wait to try them out, so dorn excited about them.

Philip Russell
9 days ago

Brooklyn tfl I’m sending it off to have it fixed TFO rod

Last edited 9 days ago by Philip Russell
James Griffiths
9 days ago

Here’s an idea, Use your GoPro for under a dock, then try side scan in the shallows. We should see structure and fish.

William Travers
10 days ago

Awesome to see what’s going on.

Drew Reeser
10 days ago

the only thing that sucks about these situations is its usually in a highly pressured area which leads to less bites

Norman wade
10 days ago

Ok what happens when fish take bait and runs back towards dock structure


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