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This Tackle MISTAKE Helped Me Catch More Flounder

We all make mistakes, but little did I know THIS tackle mistake helped me catch more flounder!!! This is a fun story that might just help...
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Must-Have Tackle For Summer Redfish

We are back talking must-have tackle for summer redfish!!! What tackle and gear will guarantee you catch more redfish this summer?...
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NEW Weedless Weighted Hooks: Hoss Helix Hooks

AVAILABLE NOW!!! Have you had the chance to try out our NEW Hoss Helix Hooks?Weedless weighted hooks are a popular hook design...
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Top 3 Inshore Fishing Finesse Presentations For The Summer

Contrary to common belief, you definitely want to have inshore finesse presentations with you for summertime fishing! Usually, larger...
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Secret Power Prawn U.S.A. Rigging Hacks

After using the Power Prawn U.S.A. for a while, we’ve been able to uncover some amazing Power Prawn rigging hacks!!! These hacks can apply to...
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Use THIS Shallow Water Lure Retrieve To Catch More Fish

Is there a secret shallow water lure retrieve to target BIG fish in less than 3 feet of water? Is there ONE universal retrieve that...
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THIS Is The Most Important Tool In Your Tackle Box

In your opinion, what is the most important tool in your tackle box? We're talking soft plastic lures, hard body lures, jigheads,...
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Easiest Ways To Rig The Gold Digger Paddletail

How should you rig the Gold Digger Paddletail for instant success? Using the simple methods described below, you can catch more fish...
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Simple Lure Rigging Hack That Will Save You Money

Fix all of your lure rigging problems with this simple lure rigging HACK!!! This is to help fishermen get the most production out of...
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Use THIS Hack To Never Lose Your Snagged Hooks Again

Never lose your snagged hooks again!!! How many jigheads and plugs have you lost on underwater structure or oyster beds? Say no more!...
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Easiest Way To Rig Z-Man Lures On Jigheads

Having to rig Z-Man lures on jigheads poses an obstacle for some anglers and it can also cost you strikes if a lure is not rigged up...
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Jigheads You NEED To Avoid Getting Snagged

What are the best jigheads to avoid getting snagged? Are there jigheads out there that will avoid snags and hang-ups? Believe it or not...
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The Most Overlooked Detail Of Finding Spring Fishing Spots

DON'T MAKE THIS MISTAKE!!! Every spring, anglers overlook this detail when plotting out their spring fishing spots...
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How Do You Know Which Type Of Jighead To Use?

How do you choose the right jighead to use for a given fishing situation? With all the different jigheads available, it can be hard to...
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The Inshore Saltwater Fishing Spring Tackle Checklist

This is the ULTIMATE Spring Tackle Checklist for Inshore Saltwater Anglers! If you need to dust off your gear and lures to get ready for...
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