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Matching The Right Size Single Inline Hooks When Replacing Trebles

Matching the RIGHT SIZE single inline hooks when replacing trebles is crucial! You don't want to use hooks that are too small or big...
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Underwater Power Prawn USA Analysis [Weedless Hooks VS. Jigheads]

You won't want to miss this underwater Power Prawn USA analysis! I was curious to see how the Power Prawn USA behaved underwater...
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Jerk Shad Hook Hacks To Get The Most Out Of Your Tackle

Next time you're out on the water, think of these jerk shad hook hacks! On a recent trip, I left all the gear I meant to take out with me...
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How To Match The Right Jighead To Soft Plastic Lures

This video is all about how to match the RIGHT jighead to soft plastic lures. If you're fishing with the wrong pairing, you might not hook...
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Top 2 Rigging Hacks To Get The Most Out Of Your Soft Plastics

These are the TOP 2 rigging hacks to get the most out of your soft plastic lures! These hacks will help save you time and money...
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How To Rig Power Prawn USA Lures On Hoss Football Jigheads

This video is all about how to rig Power Prawn USA lures on Hoss Football Jigheads!! Specifically two options...
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Super Simple Hack To Rig Z-Man Kicker CrabZ On Hoss Helix Hooks

Due to the ElaZtech material Z-Man uses to create their soft plastic lures, it can be tough to get them properly rigged on weedless weighted...
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The Shore Fishing Tackle Box: Everything You Need To Catch More Fish

What could be inside THE Shore Fishing Tackle Box??? This is just about everything you will need to be successful from shore...
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Why Hook Choice Is So Important With Z-Man Kicker CrabZ [Underwater Proof]

This underwater proof shows why hook choice is SO important with Z-Man Kicker CrabZ!!! These have quickly become a mainstay in my...
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Summertime Tackle Bundle: The Inshore Essentials You Need To Catch More Fish

We've assembled the ULTIMATE Summertime Tackle Bundle so you have everything you need to confidently hit the water right now!!...
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New Hoss Weedless Football Jighead Sizes Are Here!

The weedless football jighead sizes are now here so that we can fish tight to structure without getting snagged in more depth ranges.
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Hoss Helix Hooks VS. Football Jigheads [When To Use Each Hook Style]

Hoss Helix Hooks VS. Football Jigheads - when should you use either hook style?These are two of the most common hook styles to use...
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Shrimp or Swimbait? Power Prawn USA Junior VS. Gold Digger 2.0

This video features a showdown between shrimp lures and paddletails: the Power Prawn USA Junior VS Gold Digger 2.0 Paddletail!...
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The Secret Weapon: NEW Power Prawn USA Shrimptreuse Lure

The NEW Power Prawn USA Shrimptreuse Lure is FINALLY here!!! We took the Power Prawn USA and dyed their tails with chartreuse!...
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Hoss Helix Hooks Cheat Sheet (Rigging, Lure Pairings, & More!)

Now introducing the BRAND NEW Hoss Helix Hooks Cheat Sheet!!! You don't have to think about lures, weights, depth coverage, or anything...
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