Super Sneaky Flounder Lure That Has Been Crushing It


Catch more flounder this summer using this super sneaky flounder lure!

Flounder are a popular target for lots of anglers, especially during the summer months.

I caught one of my biggest flounders last week using this same lure.

Find out what the lure is right here!!

Super Sneaky Flounder Lure [VIDEO]

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We know flounder sit on the bottom around depth changes and ledges that are also near moving current.

Open sandy bottom or shell-like marsh areas are most likely going to hold flounder.

As the summer heat warms up the saltwater, flounder move back onto the flats and marshes.

The key to intercepting these flounder is knowing when and how they feed.

Flounder’s eyes are both located on top of their head facing up so they can watch bait as it passes above them and ambush.

Flounder have smaller mouths but very large appetites.

Lately, I’ve noticed a very specific type of presentation has outperformed anything else I’ve tried.

And that is the F.R.E.D. Paddletail rigged on a 1/6 oz. Z-Man Pro ShroomZ Jighead.

But with a slight catch.

You want to rig the F.R.E.D. up like a Nub Rig and pinch the tail off.

This combination is lethal.

I caught my personal best flounder using this rig just a few weeks ago.

You want to remove the tail from these lures because it enables you to work it like a small jerk shad.

Also, it is a small enough presentation for flounder to key in on and gulp down with just one swipe.

Additionally, the Pro ShroomZ Jighead style is the ideal jighead for this type of fishing because it is designed to have all its weight at the top so it can bounce along the bottom and bring your lure down quickly to the bottom with ease.

Cast & Retrieve

You want to make sure you let this lure sink all the way to the bottom before starting your retrieve.

This is absolutely crucial because that is where the flounder are going to be staged!

Once it has reached the bottom, all you need to do is slowly raise and lower your rod to bump the lure along the bottom.

This is also why pinching the tail off of the F.R.E.D. Paddletail is important.

As you work the lure along the bottom, it can sink right back down without having to flutter in the water due to the paddletail.

Once you begin your retrieve, you should turn your rod sideways and twitch-twitch the lure and let it settle.

You will feel less resistance on the lure because there is no tail but trust that it is falling and behaving as it should in the water if your technique is on point.

The key is to begin dragging the lure, then pop it up a few times, let it settle back down, and repeat the process.

You will most likely get more strikes on the fall back down to the bottom because the flounder will want to ambush it from underneath.

Right now there is a ton of fry bait around on the flats and marshes which is the primary bait predatory fish are feeding on.

The F.R.E.D. Nub Rig on the Z-Man Pro ShroomZ Jighead is a deadly combination right now.


this tackle mistake helped me catch more flounder

The best time to use this rig is RIGHT NOW!!!

Flounder are out there cruising along flats looking for scraps to pick up on or lonely fry bait bouncing around the bottom.

Be sure to stay patient and focus on your technique to master this approach.

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Do you have any more questions about this super sneaky flounder lure?

Let me know what you think of this rig down in the comments!

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Steven Burleigh
8 months ago

Great tip. Appreciate it.

Pat Ogletree
8 months ago

Love that FRED! It catches everything!

Steven Free
8 months ago

While I do use the Fred paddletail grub my favorite bait for flounder has been for years without failure is a spinnerbait with a chartreuse tail like the new gulp ones in the 4 inch size like the root beer with gold flakes and a chartreuse tail or a Fred paddletail but here in Jacksonville FL waters the water is mostly murky year round so having a high visibility bait with plenty of vibration and flash that the gold # 5 Colorado blade produces is key and the scent that the gulp bait has really attracts them I have seen flounder follow my bait for sometimes up to 20 yards before they hit it that is in early summer here when the water isn’t so murky but now they usually hit it fast its funny to because even though I have talked to a lot of anglers most don’t even know about using spinnerbaits to catch them they either use mud minnows or finger mullet and bait isn’t my specialty can’t catch squat on it plus I have no patience in doing the waiting game while using either of them but a spinnerbait in spring through fall and in winter a plastic shrimp like the chase baits flick prawn in jelly color I did buy a bunch of the both Brazilian and USA prawns but they don’t seem to work very well for me but to each his or her own thanks for the info and all you do😉

8 months ago
Reply to  Steven Free

That’s a lot of words without a single period lol. Just to be clear… are you saying you use a redfish magic spinner bait, and use a gulp swimming mullet as the trailer? And you just do a straight retrieve (no bottom contact) for flounder year round?


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