What You Need To Find The Best Flounder Fishing Spots


It’s Flounder Fishing Time!

Do you know how to locate flounder?

Want to know what to look for to find the very best flounder fishing spots?

Believe it or not, flounder is the most targeted and popular saltwater fish in the United States among recreational anglers.

When you think about it, that makes a lot of sense for a couple of reasons:

  1. Flounder are found throughout the entire east coast, from Florida to Maine.
  2. They are delicious to eat.
  3. They put up a good fight and are fun to catch!

Finding flounder can be tricky sometimes. They don’t have just one spot you’ll find them in and can often show up in any different kind of fishing spot.

To find out what we should be looking for in a spot when flounder fishing, we decided to bring Capt. C.A. Richardson in to tell us his top tips for finding flounder spots.

How To Find The Best Flounder Spots

flounder fishing from a kayak

C.A. said that were three main things he looks for when locating a good flounder fishing spot. Those things are the following:

1. Current

inshore flounder fishing

Flounder are ambush predators that like to lay in wait in spots where tide and current will bring prey to them. Places like passes, inlets, channels, points with good current, and spoil islands are great examples of spots that are likely to hold flounder. Anywhere where current sweeps bait through is a good place to scout for flounder.

2. Structure

Did I mention flounder are ambush predators? They use structure to hide in the current waiting for prey to be swept over their heads. Flounder are flat and only have eyes on one side of their body. When prey is swept over the structure they are waiting in, the flounder will spring to the prey from underneath them. Downed trees, rock piles, mangroves, and sandbars are all great structure to find flounder on.

3. Bait

flounder fishing wading

This one is true for every fish. Bait in the area means there is a food source for the flounder to survive on. That’s why places like inlets and passes are so useful for flounder. Places like this have everything they need to thrive — lots of bait moving through a place where food is brought to them in current and plenty of places to hide for ambushing the bait.

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C.A.’s Top Tips To Find Flounder Fishing Spots Video

In this video, C.A. tells you his top tips for finding flounder fishing spots.

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Luke Simonds Flounder Fishing

If you don’t know where to locate flounder, following the tips C.A. mentioned above is a great place to start.

Remember, current, structure, and bait are the critical factors to consider. Finding spots with all three of these things will have you catching flounder — among other fish — quickly.

If you have any questions about this tip or flounder fishing, let us know in the comments below.

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Mario Cardenas
3 months ago

Thank you for these tips!!

Michael Long
2 years ago

funny its the same three things to look for for snook

John Pullin
2 years ago

Looking forward to trying these tips. Thanks

2 years ago

Current and on the bottom, got it. Not exactly narrowing it down.

Vincent Saurino
5 years ago

Great News, can’t wait to see the new flounder mastery course. Thanks

Kevin White
5 years ago

You guys should make a flounder mastery course


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