How To Catch More Flounder With This Paddletail Lure [VIDEO]

By: Joseph Simonds on November 19, 2015
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inshore fishing for flounder

It’s Doormat Time!

Aka time to share a fishing tip with you on how to catch flounder.

Like all species of fish, it’s important to take a moment to consider the physical characteristics of the fist to determine the best means of finding and catching them.

And for flounder, this exercise is very easy because their unique body design clearly shows where they’ll be found… on the bottom!

With both eyes on a single side and very good camo-like skin pattern, flounder are built to be the ultimate predator from the bottom…


Just look at their cool head design… I almost feel bad for any small bait fish that happens to swim over a flounder hiding on the bottom. But my love of fresh flounder fillets for dinner quickly takes that thought away.

So given their body design, the most important thing to consider when flounder fishing is that we’ll need to focus on keeping our baits very close to the bottom because that’s where they’ll be stalking prey.

But that isn’t quite enough, it’s also important to know that flounder also like to hang around structure in addition to their clear need to be on a flat sand/mud/rock bottom…

So the top spots for flounder typically have some sort of structure nearby.

Below is a short list of places to find feeding flounder.

7 Great Places To Find Feeding Flounder

  1. Sandy bottoms in grass flats
  2. Around and under Docks
  3. Reefs and Wrecks
  4. Jetties (Jetty Rocks)
  5. Points
  6. Mangrove roots
  7. Bottom fluctuations (even a slight change in depth can be a great ambush point for flounder)

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What Do Flounder Eat?

Now that you know where to find flounder, now consider what they eat…

Like most inshore fish, the standard small bait fish and shrimp are always safe bets.

But I put my faith in small bait fish over shrimp given the fact that flounder have a full set of sharp teeth, which typically means they’re built to grab ahold of a lively bait fish.

So if you have the option to use a small 3 to 4-inch live mullet, shiner, etc., then go with the small bait fish because the odds are probably a bit better with them compared to a live shrimp.

However, most of my personal best flounder were caught on artificial lures.

And my absolute favorite lure to use for flounder is a small jig consisting of a 3 to 4-inch paddle-tail soft plastic bait rigged on a 1/8th oz to 1/4th oz jig head.

Here’s Joe with a decent sized flounder caught on a soft plastic jig a couple weeks ago:

how to catch flounder

My brother Joe with a nice flounder he caught with a paddletail jig near Boca Grande, FL

How To Catch Flounder [VIDEO]

When pursuing flounder with jigs, it is extremely important to keep the lure close to the bottom to maximize your chances of success.

And there are a few specific techniques that can significantly help you get more strikes… see them in action on the video below:

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If you’re going to be using live bait, then it’s important to make sure that you keep the bait close to the bottom.

I like to use a form of a knocker rig where an egg weight is threaded onto my braid with a swivel tied to the braid to keep it from going all of the way down to the hook.

And on the other side of the swivel, tie a 25lb to 30lb fluorocarbon leader using a snug knot that is roughly 1.5 ft to 2 ft in length going to a circle hook using a loop knot.

Note: Make sure to not just let your bait sit in one spot because flounder typically stay put until they see a potential meal close by.

Tackle for Flounder Fishing

Here are links to the tackle I typically use when flounder fishing:


Although I have caught flounder here in Florida on many different lures, jigs, shrimp, and even live bait, my “Go-To” lure is a paddletail jig…

It’s easy to use, and the flounder seem to love it.

Do you have a favorite bait or lure for flounder fishing?

Let me know in the comments.

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P.P.S. – Many flounder catches have been submitted to our Strong Angler Challenge US Open series, so you can click here to see who’s catching flounder and what they’re using.

Fish On!


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3 months ago

hi joe, I fish in ocean city NJ, Belmar NJ want to know if could meet other member in my area to fish with, one of early member ,e mail, or 856 359 6412

1 year ago

Great information. Nice to know now is a good time to fish Flounder.

Tom Watts
2 years ago

Luke, Great video. Very helpful. Thanks, Tom Watts

Steven Free
2 years ago

Luke. I liked your flounder tip video and my tip to you is try to add a spinner to your paddletail like we do here in the jax and st augustine area the flash from the blade preferably copper maybe silver where your at because your water is clearer then ours ours is tannin stained but the flash really gets there atention there is an inshore guide captain here that specializes in flounder capt roger bump of jax he uses mostly spinnerbaits but inline not safty pin either or they both work great infact besides flounder and topwater plugs i mostly catch my refs on them as well anyways thanks for the info

Brian Sokolouski
2 years ago

Sorry forgot to put my name about the paddle tail! Lol

2 years ago

I’ve used live minnows in Delaware but live mullet in Florida going to try the paddle tail! Thank you

Dylan DeSio
2 years ago

I have caught all my flounder on live shrimp & the only artificials I catch them on in the winter & summer months are strike king rage tail shrimps in near clear/chartreuse color & a white or chartreuse 1/8-1/4 oz jighead. I caught them fishing sandy potholes with healthy grass close to fort desoto in st. Pete but have no targeted them recently because snook and trout have been easier.

Christopher Goguen
3 years ago

My go to is a SPro buck tail jig tipped with a gulp swimming mullet, and an additional teaser hook with another gulp about 18″ above the jig

Michael G.
4 years ago

I have an old plastic flounder pounder that works best for me for flounder.

Jacob Marson
1 year ago
Reply to  Michael G.

Hey Michael,
How do you rig that flounder pounder? Most posts I see guys using a tandem rig but the flounder pounder seems a bit heavy to rig with another jig ahead of it. I was thinking about just tying it to my main line and fishing it alone or perhaps rigging a carolina rig.

Jeremy farlow
4 years ago

Paddle tails are working great behind my bait shop here in port orange. Another great lure you can use is the gulp swimming mullet any color works great but white is my favorite.

Luke Simonds
4 years ago
Reply to  Jeremy farlow

Yep, the swimming mullet tail work great too for flounder. They seem to respond to tails that have a lot of action, but I still seem to get a good amount on straight jerkbaits when targeting reds/snook too… always a fun bonus catch!

Jeremy Farlow
4 years ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

Yea I use the paddle tails everytime I go out because I can catch multiple species on the paddle tails snook, reds, trout I’ve even caught mangrove snapper on them. If you ever come to port orange Florida stop by the shop and check us out on fb SALTY DAWG OUTFITTERS, we are right on spruce creek tons of redfish back there.

John Taylor
4 years ago

My favorite lure right now is the Redfish Magic spinnerbait. I use the gold colored spinner and replace the jighead with a 3/8 red jighead to keep it on the bottom in stronger current. I have also replaced the plastic bait that came with it with the pearl white colored gulp 3″ shrimp. So I have customized it. I have caught flounder casting while anchored up retrieving slow as I can, also caught flounder jigged straight down off the side of the boat bouncing it off the bottom while drift fishing with the current. I have even caught speckled trout trolling this behing the boat at around 2 mph.

Rudy Garcia
Rudy Garcia
4 years ago

Type of rod???

Luke Simonds
4 years ago
Reply to  Rudy Garcia

I started using that rod earlier this year and absolutely love it. It’s made by TFO, and they are very tough to find. I bought another one last week from Tackle Direct… here’s a link to the exact model I like best: Great TFO rod for inshore fishing.

4 years ago

ABSOLUTELY paddle tail. I just dont buy the D.O.A. version, or anything pricey for flounder. A tackle shop by me sells cheap bulk plastic baits of all kinds, as well as jig heads. I can buy 4″ white shad tails for 25 cents a piece. Flounder notorious for taking a sizeable chunk out of a plastic like a puffer, which will make them swim like crap. I find flounder pretty aggressive in general and would rather save my more expensive plastics for more finicky feeders. Also, in the bays, they are the only fish I like to use anything more than a 1/4 oz jig head for. Now if I could only figure out how to keep them on the hook for the last 3 feet to land while wading!!! They let go 50% of the time!!!

Jim McKay
Jim McKay
3 years ago
Reply to  Troy

They didn’t let go, they were never hooked.
1. Sharp hooks
2. Braided line, no streching on hook set.
3. Stiffer rod, to help drive the hook into boney mouth.
4. Keep the fishes head under water unroll in the net, if needed swim him in a figure8 unroll the net is ready.
These 4 suggestions improved my catch rate from 50% to 95%. I hope it helps in your situation.

Mitch Cooksey
Mitch Cooksey
4 years ago

Cool video! Ive fished for Flounder my whole life here in Northeast Florida and we target the smaller fish in the spring and the larger in the fall. Ive always fished live baits like Mullet and ect. but at times that’s hard to catch and your video gives me another option when that happens…Thanks