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Best Red Snapper Bait [Secret Weapon]

Want to know what the best red snapper bait is? Check out this behind the scenes video where we reveal the offshore guide's secret weapon. Every time they..
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The #1 Reason Your Live Bait Is Catching Catfish (And How To Avoid It)

Sick and tired of catching slimy catfish? You aren’t alone… Sadly, most live bait anglers catch more catfish than they do slot and upper slot...
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Tailing Redfish 3-Day Case Study [Insider Report]

In this Insider Report, I studied schools of tailing reds for 3 days to learn their feeding windows, preferred prey, and much more! Check it out here!
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Targeting Trophy Redfish w/ Captain Peter Deeks [Mini-Course]

It’s trophy redfish time! In this mini-course,  Salt Strong Fishing Coach Captain Peter Deeks is going to go over his best tips and tactics for...
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Sheepshead Tips and Tactics [Mini-Course]

It’s sheepshead time! We have a lot of content on sheepshead, so we decided to put all of the best info into one easy access...
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SMART FISHING TIDES (New Tide Tool Predicts Best Fishing Times)

Are you sick of having to go to multiple apps or websites to plan your fishing trip? Would you love having everything in ONE place? Check this out.
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How To Fish Artificial Lures Under A Popping Cork (Plus Top 4 Mistakes)

Do you fish with popping corks? Are you making these 4 mistakes? Check out this video where we'll show you the best way to fish with a popping cork plus...
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How to Pair Your Rods, Reels, and Line [PDF Cheat Sheet]

We have had quite a few questions come in about matching the right rod to the right reel, as well as matching the line and...
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This Hook Makes Rigging Z-Man Lures Super Easy

Do you use Z-Man lures? Want an easy solution to rig them weedless? Check out this review of the ChinlockZ hooks to learn how I use them, and when not to...
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How To Add Rattles To Soft Plastics For More Strikes

Do you fish with artificials in dark or murky water? Then you might want to try to add rattles to your soft plastics! Watch this video to learn how.
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4 Must-Know Redfish Tips (Plus FREE PDF Cheat Sheet)

Are you catching more redfish than you can handle? If you're not, check out these 4 must-know tips for catching redfish, including where to find them and...
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How Often Should You Change Out Your Gulp Baits? (VIDEO)

Have you ever wondered how often you should change out your Gulp baits? We've got the answer for you! Watch this video to see exactly when you should...
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How To Catch Bull Redfish (With Cut Bait)

Want to catch more bull redfish? In this article we'll outline the best ways to catch bull redfish without spending hours looking for them.
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Sight Fishing For Bull Redfish [Florida vs. Louisiana]

Do you love sight fishing for bull redfish? Then you're going to LOVE this video! These are some monster reds and we learned one sneaky trick to catch them.
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How To Catch More Flounder (In All 4 Seasons) With Capt. Jot Owens

Want to catch more flounder? You're in luck! We caught up with fishing legend Capt. Jot Owens and got him to share all of his flounder catching secrets.
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