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Pre-Frontal Fishing Tactics [Last Day Of A Warming Trend]

Before the next cold snap, prepare yourself using these pre-frontal fishing tactics! This winter has been full of surprises. Cold then hot...
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7 Quick & Easy Fishing Hacks

Here are 7 quick fishing hacks you can use RIGHT NOW! These will help you be more efficient and catch more fish out on the water...
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Redfish Secrets Most Pros Won’t Dare Tell You…

These are the Redfish Secrets Most Pros Won’t Dare Tell You…How do full-time fishing guides know exactly where redfish, speckled trout...
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Quick Hack To Skip Cast Like A Pro To Get Bites Deep In The Mangroves

Skip cast LIKE A PRO to catch fish deep in the mangroves! If you make THIS slight adjustment, you'll instantly notice a difference...
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Throw Away Your Saltwater Fishing Maps!!!

THROW AWAY YOUR SALTWATER FISHING MAPS!!! What's the best way to consistently find inshore fish like redfish, speckled trout...
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Summertime Strategies: How To Catch More Fish Right Now

The video below is all about summertime success strategies you can use to catch more fish RIGHT NOW. After spending hours upon hours out on...
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How To Cast With Maximum Efficiency To Catch More Fish

Are you struggling to cast with maximum efficiency? Or are you not catching as many fish as you deserve? Getting your lures or bait...
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Redfish & Trout PRE-TRIP PLANNING SECRETS (Summer Edition)

Want to hear the pre-trip planning SECRETS to catch redfish and trout in the summer (including the tools used)? Then check this out!...
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How To Fix THIS Common Costly Fish Fighting Mistake

Stop making this costly fish fighting mistake that could be losing you fish!! One of the worst things that can happen is you fight and reel...
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Leader Hack For Catching BIG Fish On Light Line

Is there a SECRET Leader Hack for catching BIG fish on light line?? Have you ever heard of the "Dirty Deeks Rig" before?...
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The Trick To Fish Dock Lights At Night (Fishing The Outer Edge)

I've been getting lots of questions about some of the TRICKS to fish dock lights at night since I posted a few reports in the Community...
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LEGENDARY Day Of Fishing For Sea Monsters In Galveston, Texas

I geared up with Capt. Sharky Marquez over at Outcast Charters to go Jetty Fishing for MONSTERS. We got into some EPIC bites...
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Using Sea Surface Temperature Charts For Surf & Nearshore Fishing

This video is all about how to use sea surface temperature charts to determine when and where you should fish along the coastline...
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Does Scent Really Matter To Fish? Wild Fish Scent Study Results!

Does scent really matter to fish??? What effect does scent have on your lure choice, bait choice, etc.?! Find out in this...
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Hacks To Customize The Colors Of Soft Plastic Lures

Here's a quick way to customize the colors of soft plastic lures!! Most jigheads have a colorful head design to attract strikes and...
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