LEGENDARY Day Of Fishing For Sea Monsters In Galveston, Texas

I geared up with Capt. Sharky Marquez over at Outcast Charters to go Jetty Fishing for MONSTERS.

We got into some EPIC bites and reeled in huge fish from the deep!

Not only is all the action below, but you’ll also get additional insight into the rigs, baits, and tactics we employed to have a successful day.

Take a look!!

LEGENDARY Day Of Fishing For Sea Monsters [VIDEO]

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Gear Used in Video:



Terminal Tackle:

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The Drop-Shot Rig

We started off fishing heavy structure along some nearby jetties using this nifty Drop-Shot Rig.

This rig has loads of benefits for fishing near heavy structure with current.

The goal is to cast the weight and bait out right up against or in the structure.

Weight goes down at the end of your line and a few inches above that is your shrimp or live bait.

No matter the depth you are fishing, you can adjust the location of your bait up or down on the line.

This is one of the BEST rigs you can use around any type of structure.

If the weight gets stuck in the structure, just leave the bait out in the water.

Redfish, sheepshead, or black drum will eventually find the bait and run with it dislodging the weight in the process.

This is an effective way to keep your bait down in the strike zone against structure.

Rocks and jetties provide little cut-outs for baitfish to get out of the current and tuck into.

The key is to get this rig AS CLOSE to the rocks and structure as you can.

That is where the predatory fish will be looking for a meal.

Depending on where you are fishing and the current speed, you may have to cast and wait for it to get swept in the current and re-cast to make sure the bait stays as close as possible to the structure.

You want to keep your bait in the strike zone close to the rocks.

Sheepshead are designed to eat away barnacles and other crustaceans hanging around docks and jetties.

In turn, this is an excellent rig to use to target these tasty fish!

Look for high water clarity, current movement, and bait crashing the surface and you’ll find the fish!!!

Later on, as we were filming another tutorial, Capt. Sharky’s first mate Gabe hooked into a SOLID fish using this exact rig.

Reeling In Monsters

Out of the corner of our eyes, we saw one of the big rods at the back of the boat flutter a bit which meant something was checking the bait out.

It didn’t take long for Capt. Sharky to notice and he immediately grabbed the rod to get ready for a hookset.

As you’re fighting BIGGER fish, make sure to keep the rod tip up and to NOT place too much strain on the line.

Keep the line tight and prevent any slack from forming.

Keep the drag loose enough for the fish to make runs and again keep the rod tip up.

Super-Secret Flounder Rig

Starting down on the end of the line, we’ve got a 1/4 oz. jighead paired with a Berkley Gulp! swimbait.

Neon bright colors are a favorite to use in murky, stained water.

Then, about 8-10 inches above that, we’ve got a loop knot tied to a size 8 treble hook with a live shrimp.

After you cast this rig out and begin the retrieve, the jighead will bounce along the bottom effectively “waking” the flounder up as it walks over them.

When the fish looks up, they’ll see the shrimp on the loop knot and STRIKE.

Moreover, this rig provides you an opportunity to fish both artificial and live bait to see what the flounder choose that day.

This is one of the BEST, if not #1, flounder rigs that we’ve ever fished with!!!

After you cast the rig out, let it sink down to the bottom.

Then, pop the fishing rod 2-3 times to activate the rig and attract attention.

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Eduardo Ramos
1 year ago

Great tip, can’t wait to use it !

Kendra Kennedy
1 year ago

Great video. Loved the part where he slowly lifts up the rod tip after feeling a slight hit, then he set the hook. Those flounder hits are sneaky. It took me awhile to figure out, it’s like “did I just imagine that little thump?” Been playing with the double rig myself lately so good timing for this video.

Santiago Moody
1 year ago

How do you tie Drop shot rig?

Steven Free
1 year ago

Don’t fish in Texas but here in northeast fl jacksonville area I DO know how to catch big flounder and thats with a spinnerbait I usually like a gulp 4 inch paddletail in either pearl with a chartruse tail or morning glory wich is black with red flakes and a chartruse tail I use zman spinnerbaits they are a lot tougher then the redfish magic ones the wire is thinner but very strong for maximum vibration and when the water gets about 65 degrees they begin to be very productive I don’t fish for flounder in the winter as our season closes here in Florida in mid Oct to 1st of Dec and by then the water is to cold for them inshore anyway by then the majority of the fish have moved offshore for the rest of the winter then in spring they come back in anyways everyone fishes a certain way but mine is spinnerbaits for sure thanks for the info and all you do😉👍

Santiago Moody
1 year ago

I feel this video was done specifically for me! Thank you, will be trying this on my next fishing trip!


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