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It’s Topwater Time! (#1 Lure For Spring Topwater Action)

Spring is here and it's topwater time so here's the best lure for spring topwater action!! The weather is slowly heating up and fish are...
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How To Successfully Sight Fish For Redfish, Seatrout, & Snook [Mini-Course]

It’s Mini-Course time! What do you do when you get to an area that is completely filled with tailing redfish that you can see from...
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Smart Fishing System (Invitation Only)

This changes everything about inshore saltwater fishing! Luke and I break down the complete Smart Fishing System from the "Smart Tides" to...
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Working Hard For A Bite While Fishing With Texas Insider Members Pays Off

This trip started off slow and we ended up working hard for a bite while fishing with Texas Insiders! It's always a treat to have the...
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Slow Start Ends With A FAST Finish (Thanks To THIS Small Change)

I just had one of those trips that just didn't seem to go my way no matter what. I knew I had to make a change to find feeding fish...
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Reel Blessed Family Fishing Camps

If you love seeing more kids and families fishing together, then you're going to enjoy this interview with Capt. Mike Schulze...
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The Best Spring Lures & Colors To Target Redfish, Snook, Seatrout, & Flounder

This video is designed to help you narrow down your lure and lure color selection come springtime! If you hit the water with a TON of...
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SAVE THE DATE: Private Insider Party – Dates Enclosed!

We are inching CLOSER and CLOSER to opening the Salt Strong Tackle Store over in Winter Haven, Florida!!! The Salt Strong sign is ON the...
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LEGENDARY Day Of Fishing For Sea Monsters In Galveston, Texas

I geared up with Capt. Sharky Marquez over at Outcast Charters to go Jetty Fishing for MONSTERS. We got into some EPIC bites...
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Regional Weekend Game Plan Lesson [March 10-12]

We’re EXCITED to bring you this week’s edition of Regional Weekend Game Plans!! Below are Regional Weekend Game Plan Lessons tailored to the conditions and...
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Using Sea Surface Temperature Charts For Surf & Nearshore Fishing

This video is all about how to use sea surface temperature charts to determine when and where you should fish along the coastline...
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March 2023 Insider Club Giveaway [Biggest Reel Giveaway Winner Announced!!!]

We're BACK AGAIN with Insider Club Giveaway Prizes!!! Every month we give away an INCREDIBLE prize to an Insider Member as a thank you...
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Inshore Saltwater Fishing Kayak Buyer’s Guide [Mini-Course]

“How should I choose a fishing kayak?” This is a very common question, and while it seems simple, it’s actually very complex. Buying a fishing...
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Quick Methods To Extend The Life Of Your Fishing Rod

There isn't a whole lot of information out there regarding fishing rod maintenance and upkeep. But when you buy a fishing rod, you can...
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Why LURES Trump LIVE BAIT In This Upcoming Spring Season

We're getting VERY CLOSE to springtime!!! The fish are already showing signs of spring and are on the move. So today's discussion is...
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