10 Reasons This New Fishing App Is So Unfair Your Grandfather Will Disown You…

Here are 10 Reasons This New Fishing App Is So Unfair Your Grandfather Will Disown You…

WARNING: If you’re allergic to shortcuts and don’t like shaving years of time off learning new things, then this isn’t for you.

Save time, and money, and find the fish faster with the NEW Smart Fishing Spots APP!!!

10 Reasons This New Fishing App Is So Unfair [VIDEO]

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Smart Fishing Spots has been available to our Insider Members for quite some time but as a progressive web-based version.


We’ve just added it to the App Store available for anyone to download.

However, you still do have to be an Insider Member to gain access to all its features.

We added even more since creating the app.

1. It Follows The Fish Around As They Move

You’ve probably seen brochures or pamphlets for sale selling fishing spots that produce tight lines.

The truth is, these same spots are what they sold 40+ years ago.

Not only that, but the FISH MOVE!

Spots don’t move but fish move every single day.

Our proprietary software changes with the tides, weather, and a few more factors to accurately predict fish behavior patterns so you can set up in the right spots.

We’re adding more spots every single month.

2. It Shows The Best Day To Go Fishing In Your Area

This is our proprietary Strike Score which gives a score for the day from 1-10.

1 meaning don’t waste your time and 10 being CALL IN SICK and get out fishing!

3. It Shows The Best Time Of Day To Go Fishing In Your Area

Along with the Strike Score are hourly feeding trends that indicate the hottest bite time for that day.

New data comes in every 15 minutes to sharpen the daily score.

4. Oyster Bar Layer

With the click of a button, ALL of the oyster bars in a given area are revealed!

My brother Luke and I have discovered tons of new oysters we didn’t even know were in the spots we had fished for years.

Maximize structure and maximize your chances of finding fish.

5. 3D Underwater Sonar Layer

This is one of a few different Map Layers that with the click of a button, reveals all of the underwater contour in seconds.

It is basically underwater vision.

You can find ledges, potholes, and other bottom structure that you wouldn’t know is there.

Big redfish, trout, and other predatory fish will sit in these potholes to wait for their next meal.

6. 4k Satellite View

This is another Map Layer that shows you a high-resolution view of ANY area.

Some companies charge HUNDREDS of dollars for this feature but it is all-included in Smart Fishing Spots.

7. Marine Chart Layer

Everything that you need to navigate your boat is indicated on the Marine Chart within seconds.

You can safely navigate around and move from spot to spot knowing the depths and other necessary information.

8. Forecasts Out To 14 Days With Crazy Accuracy

We all know the importance of Pre-Trip Planning.

We’re all busy so it’s a huge benefit to know what’s coming up in the forecast so you can plan your trips effectively.

This app lets you find the best day and time of day to fish up to 14 days out with insane accuracy.

9. 10 APPS IN 1 – Works Flawlessly On Any Device Or Computer

When we first created this app, we asked our Insider Members what apps they most often use to plan trips.

Our goal was to combine them all into the ultimate ALL-IN-ONE fishing app for saltwater anglers.

10. Unlimited FREE Access

By simply joining the Salt Strong Insider Club, you will get instant FREE access to this app today.

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Craig Simpson
4 months ago

Max zoom isn’t quite as close as on the web based app. Any chance it could zoom a bit more 🙏🏼. Closer zoom is handy for getting through a couple of mine fields around here. I can use the map app, or the old app for now.

William Cunningham
4 months ago

Hi! Some of the Smart Spots from the original version seem to be missing from the app. Also, when zooming in and out, spots do not always reappear. Do I need to change any settings or is this a bug?

Robert Fischer
4 months ago

I immediately downloaded the app version, it’s a game changer! I have enjoyed using the desktop version of the software but the phone app is enhanced and so handy as I move around surf locations and consider driving to alternate spots. The Smart Fishing app is incredibly useful in real-time!

Steve Rackas
4 months ago


This is probably a question for Nick P. Is there an ability to snap a picture of a fish and have it tell you how long it is?

Steve Rackas
4 months ago


A couple of questions and some feedback on a particular lure I bought……

1) Does the app have a link to what the catch quota and min/max size of a particular species is per the day and area you are fishing in?
2) Do the app allow you to tag a GPS coordinate in the web version and have it automatically come over to your smartphone app?
3) Does the app have a public dock section so I know where I can launch my boat/kayak?
4) Does it have all public parks marked?
5) Does the app automatically push notifications to my phone when an upcoming strike score hits a high mark?
6) Are you going to have public parking spots listed?
7) Do you have the ability to take a picture of a fish and have it tell you what species it is?

Regarding tackle reviews…….I bought a big bag of the Power Prawn USA Juniors and was testing them out yesterday. They have the cut up the middle cavity which makes it harder for a jig to stay attached to it. I can only get maybe a dozen casts on this thing before it slides off. It needs to be redesigned like most other shrimp lures where the mid-section is completely filled in so it can’t slide off.

I also would like to see Salt Strong make their own jigs so I don’t blow 6 dollars every night using Z-Man Redfish jigs.

Keep up the good work!!

Steve R.

Ken Hopf
4 months ago

Would this app be effective in New Jersey waters? Specifically Raritan bay?

Rich Natoli
4 months ago
Reply to  Ken Hopf

The app works in that area. As a matter of fact, I use it for every trip. It’s an easy way to find the structure in the open water.

Chad Cockrum
4 months ago

If and when freshwater sonar and marine chart data is available, what would we be looking at for timing?

Ricky Halle-Podell
4 months ago
Reply to  Joseph Simonds

I would also love to see the fresh water too.

James Griffiths
4 months ago

In Virginia i am running into Salt Strong members everywhere.

4 months ago

Does “salt strong” cover offshore?

4 months ago

will it work in nj


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