7 Quick & Easy Fishing Hacks

Here are 7 quick fishing hacks you can use RIGHT NOW!

These will help you be more efficient and catch more fish out on the water.

Take a closer look below!!

7 Quick Fishing Hacks [VIDEO]

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1. Quick Lure Storage

You can easily have the fishing lures you plan to use throughout the day quickly accessible by attaching a pool noodle to your boat or kayak.

Slide the hooks in and out of the noodle as you need them.

2. Securing Lures During Transport

You do not want your heavy jigheads or weights banging into your fishing rod blank during transport.

To prevent any damage to the rod, use a small piece of velcro, a twist-tie, or even a small piece of tape to secure the weight to the rod.

3. Koozie Leader Storage

I’m sure you all have some can koozies lying around the house.

You can use them to secure your leader line spools so the line doesn’t fall off the spool.

4. Damaged Cast Nets

If you have a damaged or ripped cast net, don’t throw it away.

Be sure to cut off every single one of the lead sinkers on the bottom of the net.

These can be reused as weights for a rig or melted down and repurposed.

5. Prevent Rust In Lures/Hooks

To prevent rust from building up on your lures and hooks, toss a handful of uncooked rice in your tackle trays.

They will absorb extra moisture instead of the hooks and lures.

6. Used Lure Storage

For used lures and line from previous trips, get an old water bottle and store those items inside.

That way you don’t leave them on your boat or out in the environment.

7. Pre-Scent Your Soft Plastic Lures

Put a few drops of your favorite fish scent in the bags of your soft plastics ahead of time.

This will save time out on the water and allows the lures to soak up the scent for a longer period.

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John Hibberts
3 months ago

Like the pool noodle and koozie leader idea. Thanks for posting.

3 months ago

Pre scented lures is SPOT ON 🤜🤛

al ewert
3 months ago

GREAT ideas!Koozie leader wheel storage! What to do with all those Koozies lying around.
Recycling lead from cast nets much better than tossing in a landfill where the lead will leach into the soil over time
Rice! Why didn’t I think of that?

Angelo Durso
3 months ago

cool, some excellent tips, thanks Tony

Steven Free
3 months ago

Great tips Tony and I got a few of my own you say to use a pool noodle for storage of your lures for fast change out I opted to buy a seasucker cup holder wich has lure slots already on the unit it also comes with a small dry box that I use for my truck keys and my fishing license or any other items I don’t want to get wet plus the convienance of a cup holder and lure holder as well and as far as securing your lures to one’s rods during transport I just take them off and tie them on at the ramp I’m always way early so have plenty if time to do so and if it’s a hard plug like a topwater I just clip the bill Norman’s speed clip to the lure keeper on the rod and as far as leader storage I carry a zip lock plastic bag with my leaders and the tape that comes with the spool keeps them from coming off I also carry a line box that has holes so if I need to change out new line I can in a snap and to prevent rust from developing on my hooks instead of rice that’s messy if it gets wet I place a couple of those silica paks that come with prescription bottles now days and since I don’t use bait I don’t own a cast net and as far as used plastic lure storage I just place them in zip lock bags and for prescenting my plastic baits I usually add a little to the bags that they usually come in and I keep my procure with Dr juice infused scented bottles in another seasucker cup holder and along side of that I have a cup that has an extra pocket knife and my boomerang line snapper tool and a small knife sharpener as well also I have another lure keeper that has slots for my hook sharpener and braid scissors and pliers and on my boat that comes with six rocket launcher rod holders there are 2 slots on each side for my lip gripper tool and my long nose dehooker pliers so you see Tony my boat is ALWAYS ready to go as well as my tackle and rods and reels this baby boomer might not be a professional guide but I’m definatly prepared like one thanks for the great tips and all you do😂👍

Michael Carducci
3 months ago

love these hacks!….been doing the drops of scent in the sealed bag ever since I bought my first bottle on here!

Randall Phelps
3 months ago

Some excellent tips, especially the coozy and pre-scenting…

Terry McLaughlin
3 months ago

Thanks Tony. I appreciate your tips Keep the videos coming as they are very informative and helpful in teaching me to become a better angler


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