Weekly Newsletter: 2-11-24

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Non-Stop Surf Fishing Action While Your Questions Are Answered!

Once again I hit the beach with Capt. B to crush fish from the surf! Not only that, but we also asked him all the...
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Make Sure To Check THIS Before Casting Out Your Line!

No matter your skill level, your gear has to be in check before you make a cast. If not, you risk snapping off and losing...
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Standout Features Of The Newly Re-Designed Daiwa Fuego!

If you’re in the market for an amazing inshore fishing reel upgrade, then you should check this out! The newly re-designed Daiwa Fuego spinning reel...
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NEW LURE!!! Introducing “The Twitch” Soft Plastic Twitchbait

The Twitch is HERE!!! Now introducing our NEW soft plastic twitchbait. This is the ULTIMATE jerk shad for inshore saltwater fishing!...
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7 Quick & Easy Fishing Hacks

Here are 7 quick fishing hacks you can use RIGHT NOW! These will help you be more efficient and catch more fish out on the water...
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LIVE Insider Q&A [February 8th]

LIVE Q&A’s with the Salt Strong Coaches are BACK! We’re here to answer all those burning questions before you hit the water this weekend. It’s...
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Regional Weekend Game Plan Lesson [Feb. 9-11]

We’re THRILLED to bring you this week’s edition of Regional Weekend Game Plans!! Below are links to the Regional Weekend Game Plan Lessons tailored to...
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Why Most Saltwater Anglers Struggle

Want to know why most saltwater anglers struggle to consistently get tight lines on every trip? Then you've got to listen in to this...
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Redfish Secrets Most Pros Won’t Dare Tell You…

These are the Redfish Secrets Most Pros Won’t Dare Tell You…How do full-time fishing guides know exactly where redfish, speckled trout...
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Rattles VS. No Rattles [When Is ONE Better Than The Other?]

Rattles VS. No Rattles. Is there a specific time you should be using rattles in your soft plastic lures? Or, a time when you...
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Epic Redfish Double-Up Even With Airboats Buzzing The Flat!

An Insider Member and I got into an EPIC Redfish Double-Up even with airboats buzzing the flat! Typically, that would be a quick and easy...
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