Rattles VS. No Rattles [When Is ONE Better Than The Other?]

Rattles VS. No Rattles.

Is there a specific time you should be using rattles in your soft plastic lures?

Or, a time when you should completely avoid rattles altogether?

Let’s find out!!

Rattles VS. No Rattles [VIDEO]

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Every fishing scenario is not the same.

There is not a one-size-fits-all lure for all situations either.

Lately, I’ve been having success sight fishing heavily pressured fish in clear, shallow water.

I used two different lures both with and without rattles.

This test featured the Alabama Leprechaun and the Prawn USA Junior.

Again, I fished both lure styles with and without a rattle.

The leader and line were the same for both and I used two near identical rod setups for the experiment.

I fished two days with the Alabam Leprechaun and one day with the Prawn USA Junior.

I alternated rattles to no rattles for each fish I saw and sight casted to.

These fish definitely had a favorite.

Using both lures with a rattle embedded inside the lure either spooked the fish off or the fish was not interested.

Every fish I caught while sight casting over these three days DID NOT have a rattle in it.

My initial hypothesis before the experiment was in favor of the rattles helping call those fish in to bite.

But that was not the case.

However, I did catch bigger trout on the lures with rattles.

This was mainly while blind-casting deeper cuts, mangrove lines, or open-flats.

If I were to sightcast again under similar conditions with spooky fish around, I would lean against using rattles.

But if I am blind-casting an open flat trying to locate fish, rattles might be a good play.

Please go ahead and let me know what you think of this test.

I’ll continue to conduct similar experiments in different situations and conditions.

What works best for you in your area – rattles or no rattles?


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Steven Free
16 days ago

I thought you just did this same report a couple weeks ago?! Anyways here in northeast dl where the water is never really clear at least not to the standards where you or Tony or Luke fishes rattles in murky water I have found the opposite of what you have experienced in that without a rattle I don’t get nearly the strikes as I do with rattles inserted but I also found that here in the winter months when the water is the clearest I downsize my rattles and only use the very smallest I have that way if the fish are a little spooky the small rattle as opposed to a larger and louder one won’t spook the fish and c they will be more apt to find the lure better thanks for the info and all you do😂👍

Pablo Diaz
18 days ago

Nice video and great tips Pat


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