NEW LURE!!! Introducing “The Twitch” Soft Plastic Twitchbait

The Twitch is HERE!!!

Now introducing our NEW soft plastic twitchbait.

This is the ULTIMATE jerk shad for inshore saltwater fishing!

Get a closer look below!!

“The Twitch” [VIDEO]

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➡ Get The Twitch HERE

➡ Twitch Sampler Pack

➡ Twitch Lure Rigging Bundle

The Twitch was designed for those clear days after cold fronts when the fish are a bit finicky and less aggressive.

A small jerk shad like this is flat-out going to catch fish in those conditions.

It is all about creating sharp darting motion to trigger bites.

It has the same skin as the Mulligan lure to increase casting distance and for skipping as well.

When rigged weedless, this lure skips like a dream below docks and up under mangroves.

Right now, we have SEVEN different colors (available individually or in a sampler pack).

Twitch colors include ShrimpTreuse, Slam Shady, Alabama Leprechaun, Gold Digger-Treuse, New Penny, Fred-Treuse, and Optimus Lime.

As far as rigging goes, here’s what we recommend based on depth coverage needed:

Weedless: Hoss Helix Hooks – 3/0 sized hooks

Non-Weedless: Hoss Round-Eye Jigheads (sizing below):

These lures are ONLY AVAILABLE at our online tackle shop!

➡ Get The Twitch HERE

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Steven Free
15 days ago

Hey Luke kinda crazy and it’s not you guys fault that’s for sure but I ordered 4 twitch sampler packs along with the hooks to go with them on the 6th today that is when I first saw your post on them and finally got them today a full 6 days later?! I thought it to be weird because even though you guys did your great job as usual and sent them out the same day i ordered them the post office really screwed up saying on the 9th it was to be delivered then it changed to sat but still dodnot come then believe it or not on sun there tracking website said it was still sat and was to be delivered that day when though it was sun then finally today mon the 12th it finally changed and said today it was to be delivered and it finally came how screwed up is that?!! Anyways the reason I’m emailing you is because usually when you send out new lured you have a tutorial about rigging and retrieving them right after ordering them well I never saw it and would Luke to know if there is one available or are you still working on it? Thanks in advance and for all you do👍😂

Tom Cable
15 days ago

how do I access the rigging instruction and how to fish the twitch? I received my order, but didn’t see a link for the instruction.

Nick Caldarelli
19 days ago

Hey Luke. I ordered two combo packs and they arrived in a day or two. Can’t wait to put them to the test this weekend. Will there be an on the water video coming soon? Maybe two anglers using different colors or one angler alternating colors. Thanks for another great product.

A Rollins
19 days ago

What kind of material are the Twitch made of? Plastisol or Elaztech? Does the Twitch hold scent well?

Mark Fuglsang
20 days ago

Is there a way to pay via credit card instead of venmo. Venmo is not working for me.

Jamin Garbe
20 days ago


David Johnson
21 days ago

Go Twitch

Steven Free
21 days ago

Looks alot like the original soft stick baits made in the late 70s for freshwater bass fishing the Ole sluggo millions of fish have been caught on that lure for sure I don’t use soft stick baits alot on acct they are best in clear water because they don’t make alot of noise which is needed slot here in northeast fl jacksonville area where the water never really becomes totally chrystal clear but still I have talked to guys that do use them and I have a wide assortment of them and have caught fish on them so I might buy some and give them a try maybe they would work on the mushroom jighead from zman for a ned rig that pat did a report in about a week ago anyways always looking for something new thanks for the info and all you guys do😉👍

Steven Free
19 days ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

I have also thought about it and adding a rattle might help I know because I use rattles in all my soft plastic baits including gulp baits now that zman makes that rattle snaker rattle insertion tool I can add rattles to baits I normally would not because of the difficulty doing it by hand ( they tend to eventually work themselves out if done by hand) but the new tool when you insert a rattle it’s in there for good unless you physically cut it out and usually when the bait is so chewed up and it can’t be mended back together I do sometimes cut the rattle out so as to save it anyways thanks for the feedback and as usual all you do😉👍

Joshua May
21 days ago

Purchased! Great idea on the sample pack concept. Thanks Luke.

Xavier Muniz
21 days ago

I already got my order in! Quick question… in the video and on this article Luke you mention using the 2/0 size for the Hoss Round-Eye Jighead, however the shop page recommends 3/0 sized ones, which are also what’s included in “the twitch lure rigging bundle”. Can you clarify your preference and why the difference?

Xavier Muniz
21 days ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

Thanks for the quick response, Luke! I already ordered both sizes just in case haha.


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