Exclusive Trophy Trout Tips From A Pro


We are all in constant pursuit of that TROPHY fish that is a class above the rest.

But, how about trophy trout?

Listen in to these trophy trout tips from expert Jay Watkins Jr.!!!

Trophy Trout Tips

trout on topwater lure

Jay Watkins Jr. is a professional trout fisherman and guide that focuses mainly on artificial lures for trophy fish.

He is also one of the more prominent anglers in the biggest trout fishing tournaments in all of Texas.

Depths To Target Trout

Typically, you will get consistent trout bites in chest-deep to knee-deep water.

More trout tend to drift towards the deeper pockets of water.

However, the mature fish are going to be in the shallows.

The issue with working the shallows is that you won’t get as many bites as fishing in deeper water.

But, when you are targeting a lower percentage of the fish population, that is an anticipated expectation.

Larger fish are large for a reason and are very aware of what is going on around them which makes them tougher to hook into.

Natural Trout Predators

Big trout do not have many predators in shallower water so they feel safer choosing to cruise shorelines.

There are situations where smaller trout less than 15-inches or so can end up as a meal for redfish.

But larger trout will hide in the shallows to avoid any predators.

Trout will eat other trout as well but if a trout of upwards of 20-inches is lurking in the shallows, few fish will interact with it.

Also, keep in mind that trout are a target for lots of other species in the water.

They are not scaled fish and have soft fins which makes them a target for other predatory fish patrolling the flats.

Pelicans, ospreys, and even dolphins prefer to hunt trout for these reasons.

Trout Feeding Patterns

Trophy trout can hone in on and get any meal they want.

They prefer to push schools of bait up against sea walls and shorelines to have easy pickings.

This is why you will see mullet jump because they are so stacked up and want to flee the eyesight of a hungry trout.

Trout and redfish the same will push schools of mullet up against the shoreline and strike from below.

The Perfect Scenario For A Trophy Trout

The ideal trophy trout scenario is when there are schools of mullet stacked up along a shoreline on top of grass and sand below in knee-deep water.

Corky lures or Paul Brown Fat Boy Pro twitchbaits are ideal for these scenarios as well because of their ability to remain stealthy and swim just the same as a walk-the-dog topwater plug.

A major difference between topwater plugs and Corky lures is the amount of noise topwater lures create.

Fish do not get to study a lure that is worked fast for very long so you are trying to set your lure apart from the baitfish while also avoiding an unnatural presentation.

The goal is to imitate a mullet swimming across the surface that catches a trophy trout’s eye to where they have to react and strike the lure.

Trophy Trout Tips [VIDEO]

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With some outside-the-box thinking and lots of patience, you can work shorelines stacked up with mullet for trophy trout.

Remember to keep in mind the feeding habits of larger trout and how they prefer to hunt bait in the shallows.

Do you have any more questions for Jay Watkins Jr. or anything additional on trophy trout tips?

Let us know down in the comments!

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More About Jay Watkins Jr.

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Johan Maritz
1 year ago

Thanks for great video Wyatt
I live in north east SC ( Little River area)
Trout is my favorite target and I am looking for couple places to launch kayak in Wilmington area for trout fishing. Could you help please! I think that was your stomping ground before .

Jelani Thornton
1 year ago

Good information. Got a few keys notes out of this video. Thank, SS

Tammi Morrisette
1 year ago

Great tips! I’ll be keeping those in mind as I continue to work towards beating my 25.75″ PB.

Mark Ethridge
1 year ago

Noticed he was using a baitcaster. Was he getting a good distance with it?

Felix Ramos
1 year ago

Awesome information. Thanks

A Rollins
1 year ago

He may be in knee-deep water, but I think he’s fishing the edge of a creek channel or some other structure. Featureless fishing areas seldom get a bite.

Mario Relvini
1 year ago

Good info Wyatt! I knew the big ones like to stay closer to the shallow depths but never knew why until now. Makes sense.

George Layton
1 year ago

Great info Wyatt, thanks !! My 2 biggest Trout ( 29 1/2, 29 3/4 ) were caught in less than 2 ft. depth.

1 year ago

This is great info! I’ve found this to be true most every time I am able to make the drive to the coast. I’ve yet to break 27.5” but have had multiple over that throw the hook near the boat. I tend to look for some structure in terms of rocks or piling a close by with a choke point so to speak with more luck for myself.


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