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What is the right size lure for redfish in the spring?

Why do you NEED a Johnson Silver Minnow for spring?

Is right NOW the WORST time to buy a boat?

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  • Insider Reports from all Salt Strong coaches
  • Forgotten Coast Regional Tactics Lesson
  • Slam Shady 2.0 VS. Z-Man Slam Shady MinnowZ
  • How To Speed Launch A Boat
  • Best Ways To Handle Fish For Catch & Release

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Regional Tactics Lesson: Forgotten Coast Edition

I’m pleased to report that we have a new edition available to our “Regional Smart Fishing Tactics” series in which local experts from the Insider...
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Slam Shady 2.0 vs. Z-Man Slam Shady MinnowZ

What are the major differences between Slam Shady 2.0 and the Z-Man Slam Shady MinnowZ? In this Slam Shady 2.0 vs Z-Man MinnowZ analysis...
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This Is How To Handle Fish For Catch And Release

Proper catch and release techniques are vital in sustaining the future of our fisheries. But what are the best ways to handle fish for a...
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Why You Need A Johnson Silver Minnow For Spring Fishing

Johnson Silver Minnow spoon jigs have been around for a CENTURY!!! How have these jigs lasted so long? Because they catch fish...
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Snook Stomping In Stuart [Insider Report]

I’ve always loved targeting Snook around the Inlets & Passes throughout Florida during the late Spring/early Summer months. But in my 33 years of living...
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Last Minute Slam With Insider Members [Insider Report]

For this Insider Report, I’m going to highlight a trip that I made with some Insiders. This was a last-minute trip, with not much planning,...
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Find The Bait, Find The Fish! [Insider Report]

On this trip, I wanted to fish in an area that seemed to be a good spot for transitioning trout from the backwater areas they...
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How To Fish A Flat (For Redfish, Trout, Flounder & Snook)

Want to get better at catching fish on the flats? Learn how to find flats, where the fish will be on them, and what differences the change...
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The RIGHT Size Lure For Spring Redfish

What is the RIGHT size lure for spring redfish? Should you go with small or larger lure presentations to target spring redfish? Find out below!...
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March 2022 Insider Giveaway WINNERS Announcement!!!

For the entire month of March, we have been offering SEVERAL giveaways!! We are giving away a Daiwa BG MQ reel for Insider Community engagement...
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Simple Trick To Attract More Redfish Strikes With Paddletails

Want to catch more redfish on paddletails? Try this simple trick when the water is cold to get picky fish to bite, instead of changing lures.
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The Weekend Game Plan Lesson [April 8th 10th]

See the best types of spots to find feeding redfish, seatrout, snook, and flounder this weekend based on the warming weather.
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How To Sight Fish Big Trout From A Kayak Or Paddleboard

Want to catch more fish while sight fishing? Check out this video and see these three tips for sight fishing trout, redfish, and snook.
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Exclusive Trophy Trout Tips From A Pro

We are all in constant pursuit of that TROPHY fish that is a class above the rest. But, how about trophy trout? The best trophy trout tips...
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Finding Fish In A New Spot With The Odds Stacked Against Us [Insider Report]

For this week’s Insider Report, fellow Salt Strong Coach Pat Ogletree and I planned to hit the road for an exploration trip to wade a...
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