How To Sight Fish Big Trout From A Kayak Or Paddleboard


Note: This very popular post on sight fishing trout was originally published on May 22, 2020. But since then, we’ve had TONS of very helpful info added to the comments, so be sure to read the comments section too. Enjoy!

Sight fishing is my favorite way to catch fish…

I love quietly poling along shallow flats, hunting for big redfish or trout.

It’s such a rush when you finally find them, pitch your lure, and watch them eat!

In this video, I’m going to show you exactly how I do it, plus give you some tips on how to do this while standing in your kayak or paddleboard.

You’ll learn:

  • Where fish are holding in shallow flats
  • How to make sight fishing easy when you’re in your kayak or paddleboard
  • And what my favorite lures for sight fishing are

Check it out below!

Sight Fishing Big Trout On The Flats [VIDEO]

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When sight fishing on the flats, look for fish along where the grass and sand meet.

They like to hide in these transition areas and ambush unsuspecting baitfish.

If you’re standing in a kayak or paddleboard, you need a way to quickly set your paddle down and pick up your rod to cast to the fish once you see them.

I’ve created a little paddle holster that allows me to put my paddle up without ever taking my eyes off of the fish.

Click here to see how to make your own paddle holster.

And finally, if you’re fishing in calm, clear waters like I was, you want to use a stealthy lure.

Loud lures, like topwater lures, or even lures that give off a lot of vibration, like paddletails, might spook off fish in these situations.

I like to use a jerk shad, like the Gulp jerk shad or our new lure, the Alabama Leprechaun.

You can get a pack of Alabama Leprechauns here.

Have any questions about sight fishing on the flats?

Let me know in the comments below!

And if you know someone who wants to learn more about sight fishing trout, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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Matthew Lanier
2 years ago

Great info Tony! Solid work!

Justin Rhymer
3 years ago

Tony was this in the indian river or mosquito lagoon? Nice clear water and shallow.

Justin Rhymer
3 years ago
Reply to  Justin Rhymer

Nevermind I watched the spot disection video. Finally figured out how to launch a kayak to get to that area ans that causeway. Thanks!

Stan Mitchell
3 years ago

Nice video Tony, bad place to be when ⚡️ strikes. Thanks for sharing ????????

David Atkins
4 years ago

Tony, great video, sorry that mother nature interrupted you but that was 1 nice trout! Tight lines…

Tim Foster
4 years ago

Awesome look at your technique Tony, thanks.
How shallow was the water, and what was the tide doing?
It looked like there was little to no current?
Don’t the Trout like the moving water best?
Please advise when you’re able.

Sam Craparo
4 years ago

What length and action spinning rods do you use. Be safe. Live to fish another day.

Sam Craparo
4 years ago
Reply to  Tony Acevedo


Brian Hoffstetter
4 years ago

Fishin that shallow I always get out and wade and just tow my kayak behind me, little more height that way too.

Brian Hoffstetter
4 years ago

Oh, I didn’t notice at first that you were standing on your kayak for extra height, carry on 😉

Tom Marks
4 years ago

Nice trout sight fishing. On the west coast where I am I have tried to spot trout, I don’t think I have seen any. I see fish most often ladyfish. I do use amber sunglasses. Are there any tips for “seeing” trout.


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