You’ve Got To See This Amazing Underwater Lure-Striking Footage!!


This is so awesome!!!

Have you ever wondered exactly what happens under the water right before a fish strikes your lure?

I sure did.

I used to always wonder how many fish saw my lure before one would actually strike (along with a million other questions).

So Joe and I decided to do an experiment to see if we could get some underwater footage of speckled trout hitting the Slam Shady…

We got what we wanted… and much more!

Check the incredible video below.

Underwater Lure Footage [VIDEO]

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Was that amazing or what?!

Even with a camera right in front of the lure, that trout couldn’t resist the Slam Shady… and that shark couldn’t resist the trout!

I’ll be putting together a detailed report that shows the trends of exactly how these trout strike (based on the underwater footage) and the best tactics to catch them, so keep an eye out for that coming soon!

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Steve Cascaddan
2 months ago

Very Cool Test!
Keep It Up Guy’s!

5 months ago

That was way cool. You guys do a great job

5 months ago

I learned a lot from watching this video, cant weight to see more under water videos

Raleigh Thomas
6 months ago

Wow, was that wild! I’m amazed the shark missed getting that trout. Being hooked up, they are usually a goner! Great video, the camera is a fantastic idea! I’d love to try that on a Hubbard’s offshore trip, and try to get some video of snapper and grouper going after a bait!

Charles Phillippi
6 months ago

Awesome underwater footage. Thought the shark might get the camera…whew Keep up the these “reel life” videos podcasts.

Alex Murphy
6 months ago

I’m surprised you did’t get footage of a million puffer fish biting off the paddletail.

Scot McGallicher
6 months ago

Super cool footage!!!

Dave Williams
6 months ago

Does the water have to be really clear?

Mike Culpepper
6 months ago

I want one!
Seriously that was way cool. Y’all are awesome, keep up the good work.

Gary Rankel
6 months ago

Totally Awesome. Glad the shark didn’t mistake the camera for a nice juicy eel.

Sam Craparo
6 months ago

Very interesting. Fishermen are concerned about using swivels on their leaders because it may spook fish and you are catching fish with a camera attached in front of the leader. It not like you using camera to attract fish. It appears you may want to beef up the rod weight to cast the camera.

Sam Craparo
6 months ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

I agree fully. I am a minimalist and dislike any additional hardware. I’m 65 and when I was young old guys would troll with big plugs for snook. They would use XL plugs like old rebels that look good size mullet. Just a thought. Keep up the good work.

George Layton
6 months ago

THAT is something else !! Shows that Trout are not nearly as skittish or picky as Reds & Snook ! Thanks for the outstanding footage.

Stuart Secler
6 months ago

Pretty Cool!

Lee Chaney
6 months ago

That kinda ruins our concerns over fish seeing leader line.

Mr. Edward ROBERTS
6 months ago

Did I say Camerea? I did mean Camera!

Mr. Edward ROBERTS
6 months ago

Hey Luke , where can I purchase the under water Camera? What is the Brand and the Model number of the camerea?

Thomas Marks
6 months ago

I left my Water Wolf up north. We use it from time to time video taping walleye chasing our lures. Great video.., they are always amazing to see how fish strike. If saltwater species are anything like their freshwater cousins, you will see a lot of times they just follow a bait. They will make “false” runs at the lure then back off and then come back around to grab it, especially if another fish shows interest. That video you made was great I would sure like to see more if nothing else very entertaining.

Frank Santana
6 months ago

That was saaaaweeeeeeeeeeeet !!!

David MacElree
6 months ago

That was GREAT!

Jose Reyes
6 months ago


Ed Leon
6 months ago

Very Cool,
Great Idea!!

6 months ago

So sick!!! I can’t wait to see the rest of it. I recall at least 10 or more trout caught that day with the camera rig

sam chancey
6 months ago

Thanks that was cool. Did U get 1/2 a trout? Maybe I should but I couldn’t tell. Loved the video, thanks again.

James Prescott
6 months ago

Ok that’s just too freakin cool!!!!!

6 months ago

Ok that was cool. I have some public underwater cameras bookmarked on my camera. They are stationary ones and I check them often. Amazing to see what’s underwater.

neil johnson
6 months ago

What make and model camera do you use for your underwater pictures and videos?

6 months ago

Cool ????????????

Chris Lynch
6 months ago

That’s awesome man, especially seeing the shark come up to the trout. You would really have had a fight if he took it lol

Wyatt Parcel
6 months ago

Wow! That is some awesome footage! Can’t wait to see the full report Luke!

Keith Carper
6 months ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

That was groovy!

Ronald H Mattson
5 months ago
Reply to  Keith Carper

Great job Luke thanks so much. Maybe You can hook up with John Skinner to get his fluke/flounder videos. They will make one stop saying they are ambush only predators. His videos show them following 100’s of feet and if angler stops movement they disappear!


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