How To Catch More Redfish, Snook, & Grouper With Just ONE Lure

By: Luke Simonds on July 9, 2019
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redfish on artificial lure

Sometimes fishing with artificial lures can be overwhelming…

Should you use a soft plastic or a hard plastic?

Which one?

Which color?

Which size?

If you’re not getting bites immediately, it can be tempting to blame it on the lure and switch lures right away.

Then the next thing you know, you’ve been on the water for two hours, and have spent half of that time tying on new lures!

But here’s the truth:

You can catch tons of fish with artificial lures, but you:

  1. Need to be in the right spot
  2. Need to learn how to work the lure correctly

I recently moved to a new area where I had fished only once or twice in my life, and I prioritized the need to cover water to find some good feeding zones ahead of trying to worry about selecting the perfect lure for every spot that I fished.

This way, I was forced to keep my attention on what matters most… finding the fish!

Want to see how I did?

Watch the video below to see what kind of spots I was fishing in and the lure I was using.

Plus at the end, I’ll share an excellent tip (with video evidence) on how to work a lure to get more strikes.


(P.S. You can get the lure I was using here.)

How To Catch More Fish With Just 1 Lure [VIDEO]

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Simplifying your tackle is one of the best ways to catch more fish.

Pick one or two lures that are proven to work, and then focus on finding feeding fish and learning how to work the lures correctly.

If you want to get the lure I was using, you can get the Slam Shady from our shop here.

Equipment Details

Here’s a quick list of the equipment that I was using during this trip in case interested:

Note: Insider Club Members get group discounts on most of these items, so be sure to check out the Discounts page if you need any of this gear.


Have any questions about using artificial lures?

Let me know in the comments below.

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P.P.S. If you want to get the lure I was using in this video, get the Slam Shady from our shop here.

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Joseph Encinas
Joseph Encinas
5 months ago

Where in central Florida is the best place to fish off the pier and actually catch something what good advice can anyone give me bc I dont catch nothing on the skyway bridge

Robert Bigelow
8 months ago

Otis cracks me up how the moment he hears the winding of the line when you hook a fish he jumps to attention and has the most intent look on his face lol. great video as always Luke.

Barry Wood
9 months ago

Do you ever keep your fish? I eat what I catch as long as they are slot.

Manuel estrada
Manuel estrada
10 months ago

Hi. How long is the ande mono leader joined in line?


Steven Free
11 months ago

Huh never thought South fl had murkey water!? But now you know what i deal with on an everytime out fishing basis i was hesitant to order some of those paddletails but i did anyways but for me i always liked being able to catch fish on more then one lure it makes me more versitle plus to me its fun to be able to fool fish on some other lure you know nothing about but thats me anyways great video i also am surprised you have been using a 20lb leader thats what i use all the time and with my new nasci 3000 shimano spin reels I can cast a country mile with it and i still love my invisi line flourocarbon by Berkley never has failed me yet in fact when extremely rare if I do break line it’s my power pro that usually breaks before my leader does and my knots always hold up as well I like the improved Albright for the leader to flouro and the Palomar for the lure but again what works for one or some doesn’t always work for all great vid and again thanks for all you do😁

Joe Files
11 months ago

Understood you to say that the z man trout eye jig you were using had 3/0 hook. Ones i see in your store have 2/0????????

Chuck Shaw
11 months ago

Hi Luke! Tried out my new Slam Shady lures yesterday. WOW, I could not believe it. I didn’t expect too much since it was just a “6” on the strike score app, and I didn’t get started till about 8:30am. However, I started catching on a regular basis the whole rest of the day! Out produced my Gulps hands down!! On top of that, it doesn’t look any the worse for wear! Simply amazing! Well done working with Z-man to putting put this lure together!!! I do have a few quick questions though….. 1) Does it “dry out” like the Gulps do when not left in their scent juice”? (it didn’t look like there was any “juice” in the Shady’s package, but I noticed the package said it needs to be stored in its own package or in a container made by Z-man. Would it hurt it to put it in with my Gulps? If it does need to be put into a Z-man container, it would be great if you had a link to where to buy the special containers handy with the info on the lure itself, since I am sold on how effective they are. 2) I initially tried to put my Slam Shady on an Owner weighted hook with the twisted wire screw, but the screw would not thread itself on? Since you had yours on a jig head, I put mine on a yellow/orange jig head and it mounted up fine and stayed on. Since my collection of jig-heads is getting low, what was the jig-head you were using and what was its weight? 3) I was fishing in the grass on a flat part of the time and my jig-head collected a lot of grass. Do you know of a suitable weed-less jig-head that would work for the Shady?

Michael Steindl
11 months ago

Luke, I’ve noticed how effortlessly you unhook your catch each time. I always have a hard time with the barb. Any tips?

Art Heiter
11 months ago

Luke’s dog commands for Otis:

1. Sit – Sit
2. Lay Down – Lay Down
3. There We Are – ‘Fish On’
4. Got Um – ‘Fish On’
… and you wonder why Otis gets excited (Hahaha)

11 months ago

I’m with you, Luke. Tony can keep his Gulps in their smelly “magic sauce”.

Andy Benedict
11 months ago

Really enjoyed the video! Ordered one pack of each along with the jig heads. Father/Son fishing trip in a few weeks….looking forward to trying out the slam shady!

Michael McDowell
11 months ago

Thanks, this was really informative. After catching a nice Red (posted a couple weeks ago), I have been spending more time using soft plastics, rather than hard plastic jerk baits. This has been quite the learning curve for me, so the timing is great and I was blessed to have purchased the “slam shady” a couple weeks ago. My skill will need to improve to match the potential of the lure. This video should help.

Greg Batchelor
11 months ago

Love it Luke! Great report…..cant wait to get Salty with Slam! It was a winner today in our little lake where we live. Good job!

11 months ago

What is the rod spec!? Brand? Size? Action? Power? Ths

David Fender
11 months ago

I’ve noticed in alot of the videos you say to fish with the current. Was it just the wind or was the current moving in towards the tree line? I always fished against the current in situations like that but with limited luck until I joined this community and kept hearing to fish with the current. I do really like this lure though thanks for introducing us to it

Shane Emery
11 months ago

Very good video and tips Thank you for the info

Thomas Ross
11 months ago

Otis, my man! 🙂 That was really well filmed and interesting. Thanks!