Banner Day Of Fishing In A Spot I Found In A New State [Fishing Report]

On my first trip fishing in a new state, I had a BANNER DAY!!!

If you are new to Salt Strong, my name is Pat Ogletree and I travel around the southeast United States making videos and fishing reports for Salt Strong Insider Members.

My latest destination was in the state of Virginia and I had never been up there, so naturally, I never fished in the state.

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Fishing In A Spot I Found In A New State [VIDEO]

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A goal of mine when fishing in a completely new area is to locate schools of bait or any bait activity in the area.

As I was sitting and thinking about picking up and moving spots, a redfish slowly moved across the sand to the left of me.

So I put my stick anchor in the sand and threw out the F.R.E.D. paddletail.

It didn’t take long for the drag to start screaming!!

I was fishing in clear water and these redfish couldn’t get enough of the F.R.E.D.

Thereafter I was getting bitten on every other cast

It almost started to become surprising if I didn’t hook into a fish!

The F.R.E.D. paddletail ended up being the ultimate ticket to reeling in these fish all day long.

I did have some success on the Strike King KVD Wake Bait as well.

The Wake Bait is an excellent search lure you can use to cover more ground and call curious fish in to have a look.


These are the days you dream of as a fisherman.

Salt Strong tactics and lessons are applicable to fishing in most inshore fishing situations anywhere you are.

If you stay in tune with current trends and apply the knowledge learned from our tip videos, then each time you’re out on the water you will find success.

Do you have any more questions about how my trip went fishing in a new state?

Let me know what you thought of this report!!

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Randy Gibbons
1 year ago

What part of the bay were you fishing Pat, I’m heading there to 2 days? Sounded like you were near an airport.

Mike White
1 year ago

Welcome to Virginia Pat and our great fishery on the Chesapeake Bay.

Thomas Keister
1 year ago

Pat, that was an inspiring video!

Which of your posts were filmed in Louisiana?

Chip, New Orleans

Joe Rodriguez
1 year ago

Wow, you were on them Pat. Great job!!

1 year ago

Great work, Pat! I live in VA and there’s some fine fishing spots, fresh and saltwater. The slot for Reds is min. 18 and max. 26 in. The state record is 85 lbs.!

Luke Simonds
1 year ago

Great work Pat!


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