How You Can Use Smart Fishing Spots To Catch Fish In New Areas


How do other anglers luck out and catch fish in new areas?

Smart Fishing Spots is our new web-based platform that has everything you need all in one app to effectively plan your fishing trips and catch more fish.

A brand new feature we just updated to the platform will make finding fish in new areas even easier.

You do not want to miss out on this!!

Catch Fish In New Areas [VIDEO]

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For those of you that aren’t familiar with me yet, my name is Pat Ogletree and I am the Traveling Fishing Coach here at Salt Strong.

I travel all around the country and publish fishing reports to provide anglers with insight into the spots they fish and to also showcase the effectiveness of Salt Strong lures.

I have already fished in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Florida, and I now am working my way up the East Coast.

Usually, my approach is to visit an area, fish it, and then explain my thought process throughout the trip.

The ONE challenge I run into when fishing in a new area is actually finding the right spots.

Trends are critical in picking the right fishing spots.

Satellite imagery only provides so much information and without going out and fishing to pick up on trends, you are choosing spots blindly.

Smart Fishing Spots allows you to do all of this ahead of time.

How To Access Smart Spots

Smart Fishing Spots is the overall platform itself.

If you click on the small “Gear” icon in the bottom corner of Smart Fishing Spots, a menu will pop up.

Click on the first icon to the right labeled “Layers” and that will bring up a further menu.

Next, click on “Smart Spots” at the top of the menu.

Then, Smart Spots will scan the area you are in and after a few seconds, a bunch of pre-loaded fishing spots will appear.

These pre-registered spots were programmed by our Fishing Coaches with the help of local guides.

The spots that are selected are areas that hold feeding fish during the right conditions.

Moreover, the spots themselves are static and don’t move.

However, the quality of each spot changes with outside weather conditions and tides.

Seasonal trends, tide flow and direction, wind direction and speed, among a host of other features are all factors that go into rating each spot.

This is not the typical spot map that you open up to just reveal the fishing spot and that’s it.

The quality of fishing spots in Smart Fishing Spots changes with the conditions and is color-coded using the key.

Using the toggle bar at the bottom of Smart Fishing Spots, you can move backward or forward in time to see the quality of each fishing spot change with the conditions.

You can look exactly where you want to fish and know what the conditions will be at the exact time you will be fishing!

There are thousands of spots already uploaded to Smart Spots with more coming each day.

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tool predicts where to find feeding fish

No need to rely on spot maps and satellite imagery to find the best fishing spots.

Smart Spots combines the lessons we teach here at Salt Strong with the ultimate all-in-one fishing app.

The feedback from our Insider Members using Smart Fishing Spots is INCREDIBLE!

Are you an Insider Member yet?

What are you waiting for?!?!

You simply can’t pass this up.

Do you have any more questions about how you can catch fish in new areas?

Let us know what you think of the new Smart Spots feature down in the comments!

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Steven Free
10 months ago

Sounds almost 2 good to be true but I trust your judgement and not to get off the subject pat but I do have a question regarding the spot dissection you did for me on faver dykes state park police creek area I have been having trouble lately finding the right tide table for this area believe it or not in the brochure at the ranger station at the park the rangers say to use the tide for julington creek which I found very odd considering it’s about 50 miles north of that area in fact I live only 10 miles away from julington creek and about 40 from fever dykes state park if any tide to me would be the best it would be for bings landing with is in the matanzas river just on the other side of favor dykes there are small creeks that flow into the matanzas via faver dykes and my new fish finder has a tide locator on it but wjlhen I tried using it it said there were no stations available so I asked Google and it came up with the state road a1a bridge in st Augustin and when I viewed it to me this one does seem accurate because this past sat me and my girlfriend went fishing there using the bings landing tide and it was completely off it said the morning high that day was 710am and if it was it obviously would of been perfect but at 710am the oysters were showing and the weeds looked to be about at least a 2 foot drop in water levels but the a1a tide said the morning high was at 444am and to me that made more sence because that meant that at 710am the tide would of been going out for about at least 2.5 hours and I know from past times fishing it the tide drops fast there anyways wanted to know what tide you would of used if fishing that area?🤔

al ewert
10 months ago

I just looked and will try here in my area of GA

Mike Rock
10 months ago

Excellent report Pat

Bill Mullin
10 months ago

Can the app be adapted to use on inland fresh water bass fishing?

Jackie Jones
10 months ago

Hello all. I am trying to access the “Smart Fishing App” from my android and I don’t see the gear icon you mentioned in the instructions. I probably overlooked it but may I have a little more help finding it.

Thanks Guys

Luke Simonds
10 months ago
Reply to  Jackie Jones

Here’s a direct link to the Smart Fishing Spots platform:

William (Bill) Krenek
10 months ago

In Texas around Rockport smart fishing spots flash on and off. Is this my phone’s problem or is this normal Also oyster reef

richard lyons
10 months ago

Thanks pat, that was great information. I’m not able to fish for the next 3 weeks, however I am checking the trends in my area everyday watching the spots move. I’m thinking in 3 weeks I should be able to have a wonderful week of fishing

Pam Walter
10 months ago

I love Salt Strong and have learned so much from all the videos. I want to fish often and we do go out with a Guide regularly but cost makes it tough to do as much as I want to fish. I know it is a big ask but maybe add Spots accessible on foot. I live in New Bern, NC. Quite a few SS members here.

Ray Bierschenk
10 months ago

Nice video! I had been a bit skeptical of the new and improved Smart Fishing Spots but after watching the video and doing a bit of poking around, I am finding it to have a lot of information. A couple areas that I’m familiar with I clicked on the oyster bed tab and it was accurate, lol!
A bit more complicated but just a matter of getting used to it. It’s been hot in my area and I’ve been setting up a new Hobie Outback so it’s been a while since I’ve been out but anxious to go!

Victor Gatell Jr
10 months ago

Great tutorial! I have a question: where does the data for the app come from? Does it rely solely on local guides when it comes to specific areas or do the algorithms look for specific conditions? I am starting to think it’s genius because it has already confirmed a very good spot I just used and it was dead on.


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