New Tool Accurately Predicts Where To Find Redfish & Trout Everyday!


Smart Fishing Spots now has a tool that predicts where to find fish!!!

It’s all about finding where the feeding fish are.

The one question we are constantly asked is: “Where should I be fishing?”

It was a difficult answer in the past, but not anymore!!

Now you can find the answer to that question in ONE app.

Smart Spots has got you covered!

Learn more right here!!

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New Tool Accurately Predicts Where To Find Fish [PODCAST]

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Here is a timestamped version of this episode:

  • 1:30 – Smart Fishing Spots Platform V-2
  • 5:56 – Smart Spots
  • 7:09 – The Difference between Spot Maps and Smart Spots
  • 8:33 – #1 Thing Most Anglers Forget To Account For When Pre-Trip Planning
  • 13:32 – Oyster Bars and Seagrass Beds Feature
  • 16:46 – Inshore, Nearshore, Offshore

New Tool Accurately Predicts Where To Find Fish [VIDEO]

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smart spots locator tool

Smart Fishing Spots is going to get better and better with more enhancements like this coming soon to put you on more fish in less time.

Smart Spots is going to change how you prepare for your fishing trips and no doubt it will help you catch more fish.

Our job is to make your lives easier and help you reel in more fish!

Do you have any questions about the tool that predicts where to find fish?

Let us know what you think of Smart Fishing Spots down in the comments!

All feedback is encouraged!!

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Dorian Cauceglia
10 months ago

Can you make the GPX export format more inline with standard GPX so it will work with things like Navionics?

Joe Urbanek
10 months ago

Love the new tool, really looks good. Is there a chance you can add a tide station that currently does not appear in the tool? It is:
Realitos Peninsula, TX – Station ID: 8779280
It’s a tide station closer to where we fish in the Lower Laguna Madre by South Padre Island.
Thanks for all the work and tips you guys always give us.


Brett Laws
10 months ago

I tried the smart spot feature this past Saturday on my trip to Palma Sola Bay. I tried fishing the bank as well as grass beds out in the bay in the highlighted area with zero results. There was very little baitfish activity and looking back I definitely spent too much time in it. So my first time trying this feature was a bust.

Brett Laws
10 months ago
Reply to  Joseph Simonds

After looking at the area on maps and in person, I’m still trying to figure out why it was highlighted to begin with. It was a bay with shallow water and no real depth changes or any other structure besides grass plus some of the water looked stagnant and I eliminated it right away. I will definitely keep y’all posted on my next trip

John Burnette
10 months ago

I’ve ordered products from salt strong before. I’ve watch pretty much every video. I
My question is….The videos that are shown are usually from FL. I live in NC. Let me see videos with how your tactics work on our waters.


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