This Is The Quickest Way To Find Oyster Bars In Your Area!


Smart Fishing Spots is now THE quickest way to find oyster bars in your area.

As if this app couldn’t get any better!!!

Using Smart Fishing Spots, you can now discover new fishing spots with oyster bars right from the couch!

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Quickest Way To Find Oyster Bars [PODCAST]

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Here is a timestamped version of this episode:

  • 1:30 – Smart Fishing Spots UPDATES
  • 2:39 – How to find Oyster Bars and Seagrass Beds from your own home
  • 6:26 – Create a Route and Export that to your GPS Device
  • 8:26 – The Ideal Features that make up a Great Fishing Spot
  • 11:10 – Available in Florida, Texas, and more states coming soon!
  • 16:10 – Find the Fish as fast as possible
  • 17:29 – Start using SFS now and let us know what you think!
  • 18:09 – Waypoints and exporting data
  • 20:20 – Pre-Trip Planning
  • 21:41 – Insider Club Discounts & Perks
  • 24:52 – Weather & Radar Forecasts
  • 26:01 – Member Feedback

Quickest Way To Find Oyster Bars [VIDEO]

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quick hack to find fishing hotspots in dirty water FAST

Oyster Bars and Seagrass Beds are now at your fingertips!!!

These are ideal features for the best fishing spots and with Smart Fishing Spots, you can find perfect fishing spots within seconds.

What are you waiting for?!?!?

Join the Insider Club HERE and gain instant access to Smart Fishing Spots TODAY!!!

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John Shaughnessy
7 months ago

I’m a new Insider & I just found and watched this video. Wow! these features are fantastic!

I live and fish in the Melbourne Fl area. I find that there are few if any oyster beds nor grass shown in the Indian River lagoon and Mosquito Lagoon. Have these data just not been uploaded? Please pass this on to the gentleman that narrated the video. If you may, pass on his email, and I’ll contact him.


Keep up the great work! .

Delton LYONS
7 months ago

hi joe do you have that up loaded for north east area new jersey. delaware marland

Jan Radjeski
1 year ago

Smart Spots is a fantastic tool. Thank You SS crew. Would it be possible to input the Exclusion Zones somewhere on this app? We went out one morning before oh dark thirty and found fish in an unauthorized area not knowing it was there. Egg on our face for not knowing this info. It would have been good to know the exclusion zone when doing the preplan. Now I am researching new fishing areas for these zones and additionally pulling that info from Google to be safe.

Luke Simonds
1 year ago
Reply to  Jan Radjeski

So sorry to see that you went into an exclusion zone! Which one was it? We’ll try out best to find a database with it and others that we can use to add to our platform.

Ray Robinson
1 year ago

Inside member about one year now. Looking at this Smart fishing tides found that the program only shows oyster beds in Florida to the Northern tip of Georgia , but none in South Carolina.

Thomas Keister
1 year ago

Awesome additions to the app, but an “oyster bar” in New Orleans is a restaurant serving oysters on the half shell, baked, or in po-boys, usually with hot sauce and cold beer.

Will these show up on the map?

Chip Keister
New Orleans, LA

Dennis Brackins
1 year ago

Man this is awsome, fire up the coffee pot. Can’t wait to see what is in the Carolinas, if it gets any better it would show fish concentrations also. Awsome job guys. Watch out trout, snook, redfish and flounder. We are coming for ya!

1 year ago

How far up north does your app cover!

Jerry Keyes
1 year ago

Hard to get to and use. Phones are very hard to see and read the screens when out in the sun.

Cody Gonzalez
1 year ago

Too bad you all haven’t done anything in the Lower Laguna Madre, Arroyo City or Port Mansfield. The closest you have have gotten is Corpus Christi

robert brombach
1 year ago

Joe! When you mentioned Bird island, I was smiling, because that is the area I have been targeting lately! Porpoise point and areas south and east toward shore all are pretty cool to fish! If you saw any of my posts lately they have been from there! The 36” snook, huge sheephead , flounder, trout and a 27” red on topwater in one day all caught in that area! Great work with that app! Thank you!


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