Weekly Newsletter: 6-26-22

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What should you know BEFORE buying a heavy duty spinning reel?

How can you find oyster bars in your local area?

What is the #1 GIANT redfish lure for this summer?

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  • Insider Reports from all Salt Strong coaches
  • Making Sense of Potential New Redfish Regulations in Florida
  • THIS Tackle Mistake Helped Me Catch More Flounder
  • Finding Feeding Fish On A Flood Tide

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Smart Fishing Spots Platform Updates [Oyster Beds Tutorial]

Have you been using Smart Fishing Spots?!?! What are your first impressions of the app? If you haven't seen it yet, we recently updated...
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How I Caught Multiple Slams After Moving To A New State [Insider Report]

On this trip, I wanted to fish in an area where I believed there would be fish trapped in a tidal creek at low tide....
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New Shrimp Lure For Nearshore Reefs [Insider Report]

This Insider Report shows a fun trip in which the Power Prawn USA got a lot of action on a quick trip out to some...
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THIS Lure Helped Me Catch My BIGGEST Redfish Ever [Rigging, Techniques, & More]

I CAUGHT MY BIGGEST REDFISH EVER!!! Last week, I had such a memorable trip and I even caught the redfish of a lifetime. This is can't miss...
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Dialing In Fish On The Flats [Insider Report]

After fishing a Topwater-Only tournament with Pat, I wanted to revisit the same place to see if I could better dial in on those fish....
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Working Through Back Up Plans To Find The Bite [Insider Report]

In this Insider Report, I had to go all the way down to plan C in order to get on some fish and it paid...
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The Weekend Game Plan Lesson [June 24th – 26th]

This lesson will show you the key places to find redfish, seatrout, snook, and flounder this weekend along with the best times to fish.
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Putting Smart Fishing Spots New Features To The Test [Insider Report]

In this week’s Insider Report, I wanted to test out how well the new “Oyster Bar” Feature works! I have a few tips coming up...
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3 Things You Should Know Before Buying A Heavy Duty Spinning Reel

What must you absolutely know before buying a heavy duty spinning reel for big game fish? Are there specific features that a reel needs to...
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This Is The Quickest Way To Find Oyster Bars In Your Area!

Smart Fishing Spots is now THE quickest way to find oyster bars in your area. As if this app couldn't get any better!!! Within seconds...
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Will Fish Be Active After A Full Moon? [Insider Report]

As we move into summer and temperatures are already on the rise, mornings after a clear full moon can be tough to get on a...
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Spot Dissection Pellicer Creek [Member Request]

In this fish finding lesson I am breaking down a spot in North East Florida known as Pellicer Creek. I will show you some spots...
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Testing Out NEW Fishing Spot Locator App (Surprising Results!!!)

Have you had the chance to try out our NEW fishing spot locator app? Smart Fishing Spots is our brand new platform that has everything...
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Want To Find Fish FAST? You Need These 2 Things…

FIND FISH FAST!!! Holy smokes...we did it! This is the fastest and easiest way to find local oyster bars and seagrass beds in your area...
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Find More Flounder Fast [SPOT DISSECTION]

In this week’s Finding Fish Lesson, I will be analyzing an area to show productive feeding zones at different tide stages for Flounder for this...
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