Testing Out NEW Fishing Spot Locator App (Surprising Results!!!)


Have you had the chance to try out our NEW fishing spot locator app?

Smart Fishing Spots is our brand new platform that has everything you’d ever need to plan a fishing trip all in ONE convenient app.

I got to hit the water and test out the app for myself.

Keep scrolling for the results!!

Testing Out NEW Fishing Spot Locator App [VIDEO]

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Smart Fishing Spots literally helped me find and catch fish in a BRAND NEW spot I had never fished before.

We just added a new feature to Smart Fishing Spots that shows you oyster bars and seagrass beds right on a map.

We pulled in available data from the states in the Southeast to include a setting where with the click of a button, all of the oyster bars and seagrass beds in your area appear.

So I decided it would be neat to pick a spot that Smart Fishing Spots indicates has a lot of oyster bars and structure to see if I can use the app only to catch fish in a brand new spot.

It was astonishing to see fish right on the oyster bar exactly where the app told me to go.

This took less than 10 minutes to find an ideal fishing spot that put me on a ton of fish.

No monster fish to report but it was fascinating to use the app and find fish immediately.


Smart Fishing Spots is a game changer.

You can find great fishing spots you would otherwise just buzz over without a second thought.

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Do you have any more questions or comments about how I used our NEW fishing spot locator app to find fish?

Let me know if you were able to get on fish with the help of Smart Fishing Spots!

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Joe Persinger
4 months ago

Is there a trick to turning on location services for the smart spots app? It always comes up as unable to determine my location and says to turn on location services. I can’t find SaltStrong or anything close on the location services page on my phone or iPad. It’s probably me and I need HELP! The app is almost worthless in real time on the water without a location!

Joe Persinger
4 months ago
Reply to  Joe Persinger

After searching through some other messages I was able to get location services turned on. Sorry for the rant!

Omer Dumais
11 months ago

I fish the inshore areas around the Pasco /Hernando County line from Port Richey to Bayport FL. There are numerous areas that have scattered/clustered rocks, some very dense, others more separated. The rocks have both old oyster shells and seaweed on them. So I guess technically they are not oyster bars but clustered rocks with attachments. They do Not show up as oyster bars on the smart fishing spots app. The app does show a few oyster bars in the vicinity, but not nearly as many as I have scrapped my kayak over. So, 2 questions:

1). Do the clustered rock areas with the attached shells and vegetation hold fish like true oyster bars?

2). Does an oyster bar need to be actively growing live oysters to show up on the app, or does dead empty oyster shell on rocks also display as an oyster bar.

The data source and specifically how it identifies oyster bars might be helpful to understand why in my kayak I scrape over lots of oyster shells, but the app shows none

Thanks, good stuff but still a huge learning curve

Omer Dumais
11 months ago
Reply to  Wyatt Parcel

Thanks Wyatt, your explanation is very helpful. Looks like where I fish most, the clustered rocks with attachments is more prevalent than true oyster bars. Good to get verification that hard structure like that should attract the inshore predator fish.

Greg Boevin
11 months ago

I’m in SC, cant get it to work, is it only for Florida ?

Pat Ogletree
11 months ago

Great tip Wyatt!! Nice little spot you found!

Terry McLaughlin
11 months ago

Thanks for the great info. Will be trying before and on the next trip. Thanks. Keep the videos coming


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