Unbelievable Underwater View Of Your Fishing Spots

Just wait until you get to see these unbelievable underwater views of your favorite fishing spots!

You’ve heard the term “game-changer” before but this is legitimately going to change the entire game.

If you are struggling to find an all-in-one fishing app for the tides, wind, weather, sonar charts, and much more, then look no further!

The Smart Fishing Spots App is live and NOW FREE when you join the Insider Club!

We’ve got you covered below!!!

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Underwater View Of Your Fishing Spots [PODCAST]

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Here is a timestamped version:

  • 1:30 – All-In-One Fishing App IS HERE
  • 3:37 – Map Layering Toggles
  • 5:26 – Port Aransas, TX Example
  • 10:31 – Planning Your Trip Route
  • 16:12 – Change of Perspective
  • 16:42 – Versatility of the Sonar Charts for Wade Anglers
  • 21:17 – Wave Direction
  • 22:53 – Give us YOUR Feedback
  • 23:16 – Join the Insider Club TODAY

Underwater View Of Your Fishing Spots [VIDEO]

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the best fishing app ever designed

This is the ultimate game-changer for saltwater anglers all over the country!

There is no need to continue to jump from app to app trying to remember all of the information to put together an effective pre-plan.

The All-In-One Fishing App shows you everything you need all at once to get you on MORE fish in LESS time!!!

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Do you have any more questions about this unbelievable underwater view of your fishing spots?

Let us know down in the comments!

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Frank Hunnes
8 months ago

Great video! I am anxious to get High Resolution for Charlotte Harbor!


9 months ago

think i figured it out its not done this far up yet i think

9 months ago

i have been messing with app. Im in NJ when i have sonar on i can see the different shades until i try to zoom in and the satellite comes on and I don’t see contour lines using windows 10 hope this makes sense lol

Lyle Crafton
10 months ago


johnny johnson
10 months ago

will the app include water temperature?

Jerry Wheeler
10 months ago

Live up here in Mass. Any idea how long to develop the 3d for the northeast?

10 months ago

So many things to be exited about with this new app! I think being able to plan a trip and create routes in the comfort of my living room will be a game changer. So many great features as well. I would love to be a beta tester. Thanks for all the work in putting this together!

Danny Trevino
Danny Trevino
10 months ago

Awesome! Pulling all the data we all use into one spot! You guys always rock!

Pat Roll
10 months ago

Hey Joe, is this going to be a completely new app or incorporated into Smart Fishing Tides? Is there a launch date yet?

Bob Proctor Proctor
10 months ago

Kudos to you Joe and the team, always improving looking to what the customer wants! A combination of acute business acumen, along with a super talented technical team.


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