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Did A Sod Farmer Crack The Code On Seagrass Restoration?

It’s no secret, our seagrass has been dying at an alarming pace. For those who don’t know, seagrass is critical to our waterways, fisheries, and...
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Topwater Diver Lure? This Thing Is Sick!

It's like a combination of a topwater diver lure, a subsurface lure, and a twitch bait... and so far, the redfish, trout, and snook have...
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Chesapeake Bull Redfish with Capt. Steve Griffin

Want to learn more about how to target and catch Chesapeake Bull Redfish??? Capt. Steve Griffin joined me this week on the Salt Strong...
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How To Land A Dream Job In The Fishing Industry (Or Grow Your Own Business)

Want to learn how to land a dream job in the fishing industry??? Or perhaps you already have an idea or product to sell? Then you'll love...
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Best Lure For BIG Flounder? (THIS beat GULP! in recent test)

What is the BEST lure for BIG flounder??? Our fishing team was all having a conversation about our personal best flounders and...
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The State Of The Saltwater Fishing Union (2023)

It’s the state of the saltwater fishing union time! In this episode, Joe breaks down where he sees things headed over the next year in...
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Smart Fishing System (Invitation Only)

This changes everything about inshore saltwater fishing! Luke and I break down the complete Smart Fishing System from the "Smart Tides" to...
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Reel Blessed Family Fishing Camps

If you love seeing more kids and families fishing together, then you're going to enjoy this interview with Capt. Mike Schulze...
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Why LURES Trump LIVE BAIT In This Upcoming Spring Season

We're getting VERY CLOSE to springtime!!! The fish are already showing signs of spring and are on the move. So today's discussion is...
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Guide Report – Inshore Fishing In Brackish Coastal Rivers

In this episode Capt. Jud Brock and Capt. Johnny Mainero discuss inshore fishing in brackish coastal waters in South Carolina...
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Does Scent Really Matter To Fish? Wild Fish Scent Study Results!

Does scent really matter to fish??? What effect does scent have on your lure choice, bait choice, etc.?! Find out in this...
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New Waterfront Tackle Store Update!

It's time for a NEW Waterfront Tackle Store Update!!! When it is finally going to open?When will Insiders be able to see it?...
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Dissecting The Best Saltwater Fishing Spots In America

We're dissecting the BEST saltwater fishing spots in America. Having fishing spots is great, but there's just a little bit more to it...
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50,000 Saltwater Anglers All In One Place!!!!

In today's episode, I share some EXCITING behind-the-scenes news for 2023!! Our goal is to unite inshore saltwater anglers in one place...
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The Sickest Fishing Catch Log Ever!!!

We created the SICKEST fishing catch log ever. Journals or log books are extremely useful and have been a tradition amongst fishermen...
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