How Fishing ONE LURE for 365 DAYS changed my life…

Just ONE LURE for 365 days…?

You’ve got to hear what happened with saltwater angler Pat Ogletree used just one type of lure for a full 12 months straight (regardless of temp, wind, depth, etc).

He also shares what happened when he made an epic road trip to catch a redfish in 9 different states!

Enjoy this one!

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How Fishing ONE LURE for 365 DAYS changed my life… [VIDEO]

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How Fishing ONE LURE for 365 DAYS changed my life… [PODCAST]

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Marc Rainville
4 days ago

Great video guys! Love the stories Pat.

William Clifford
5 days ago

Thanks for sharing your story Pat.

Katie Murphy
6 days ago

Thank you for opening up and sharing your story. It’s so nice to be reminded that you all are just mere humans like the rest of us even though in some videos you all seem to have super powers 🙂 I have been trying to switch from live bait to lures for sometime now but have not had much luck. Maybe I need to pick just one and give it the 365 try!

Donald Belair
6 days ago

Wow Pat, amazing story! It was meant to be, I’m so glad you shared it with us!
Salt Strong ROCKS!

Edward Frey
6 days ago

Thanks Pat for sharing your experience with us. The transition in life was truly a God moment when he guides us through and shows us what is in store for our future. I am so thankful that I found Salt Strong when I started living in Florida during the winter months. I dreamed for decades of being a flats fisherman and you were a major part of my success through your videos.

Art Heiter
6 days ago

Great story Pat. Always wondered how it came about, even though I was there for most of it. You’re very fortunate to have a spouse willing to share that with you.

Mel Bledsoe
7 days ago

That was inspirational and just a pleasure to watch. I always find Pat’s videos full of good information. I also agree with the keeping it clean. The club is not a bar, so passing tips and tricks to others is what we are about. Being humble, hard working, family, and tight lines, life doesn’t get much better than that.
Thanks guys.

Arto Van grondelle
10 days ago

Wow. i thought your were a seasoned vet fisherman!!! Your best fish moment story touched my heart, man.
Now I know why you seem to deeply hit the bullseye with points on your videos.
You’re, actually, inspirational. Thank you.

Rodney Hinson
10 days ago

Thanks for the testimonial – that was fantastic. I am planning on retiring at the end of this year, and have started looking at RV’s. I really would like to follow Pat,s footsteps and travel and fish once I hit retirement. Would love to know what type of RV and setup you have. Thanks again.

Drew Reeser
10 days ago

great info guys I love these long form discussions. Hey Pat just curious, that Salt Strong LED light in the background is badass did someone custom make that for you or is that something that i could order


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