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How can you turn topwater blow-ups into topwater hook-ups?

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  • Best Lure For Big Flounder
  • Best Overall Value Lightweight Spinning Reels Comparison
  • Flats Fishing in the Florida Keys
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Unbelievable Underwater View Of Your Fishing Spots

Just wait until you get to see these unbelievable underwater views of your favorite fishing spots! You've heard the term "game-changer"...
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Simple Lure Rigging Hack That Will Save You Money

Fix all of your lure rigging problems with this simple lure rigging HACK!!! This is to help fishermen get the most production out of...
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Sightfishing Redfish In Murky Water [Insider Report – Mosquito Lagoon]

In murky water, it can be tricky to find fish, and it can also be tricky to sight cast to them! On this trip, I...
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I Drove 2 Hours For Slot-Redfish Shootout [Insider Report]

I can fish the area locally to me anytime I want, so I decided it was time to make a 2-hour drive for some strange...
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TFO Pro-S Series Spinning Rod Review

Now that the latest version is available, it's time for the TFO Pro-S Spinning Rod Review! This is the rod Luke used to catch his memorable...
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Best Overall Value Lightweight Inshore Spinning Reels

In this video, we’ll be discussing the top lightweight inshore spinning reels that don’t break the bank!!! Four different reels from the three main reel...
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Mississippi Exploration Trip, Tailing Reds In The Marsh [Insider Report]

Another new town and another new place I’ve never fished before! What do you do when you go to a place to fish and you...
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This Is How To Turn Topwater Blow-Ups Into Hook-Ups

NOW is the time of year to dust off your topwater plugs and start walking the dog! Spring is here and the topwater lure bite...
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Don’t Let the Bad Tides (And Wind) Get You Down…[Insider Report]

You read that title correctly, folks. April has been a brutal month of Fishing for many of us. Finding a half-decent day to get on...
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Can You Still Sight Fish In Murky Water? [Insider Report]

On this trip, I wanted to fish specifically for redfish on shallow mudflats. The concept behind this trip was to fish along mudflats that had...
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#1 Lure For Big Flounder In The Springtime

Do you think you have an idea of what the best lure for big flounder in spring is?Finding the right lure to use for targeting big flounder...
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Easiest Ways To Rig The Gold Digger Paddletail

How should you rig the Gold Digger Paddletail for instant success? Using the simple methods described below, you can catch more fish...
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Keep Doing THIS And You Will Never Catch Fish Using Popping Corks

Popping corks are designed to make your lure stand out from the rest. But, all too often, anglers make these top 3 popping cork mistakes...
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The Weekend Game Plan Lesson [May 6th to 8th]

See the best game plan to use this weekend for catching redfish, seatrout, snook, and flounder.
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Why You Should Check The Weather On Days You’re Not Fishing [Insider Lesson]

In this lesson we are going to discuss why it’s just as important to check the weather and conditions on days that you are not...
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