Easiest Ways To Rig The Gold Digger Paddletail


How should you rig the Gold Digger Paddletail for instant success?

Using the simple methods described below, you can catch more fish using the Gold Digger on your next trip!

Check it out in this video right here!!

Easiest Ways To Rig The Gold Digger Paddletail [VIDEO]

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The Gold Digger is a 3.5-inch black paddletail lure sprinkled with golden flakes.

Because of its color scheme, it is perfect for murky or dirty water fishing conditions.

As far as rigging these lures, there are two main ways that work the best.

That is either on a jighead or a weedless weighted hook.

Depending on the surrounding area and the type of presentation you desire will determine which style of hook you should use.

Weedless Weighted Hook

Weedless weighted hooks are best used in very shallow water of anything less than 3 feet.

Or they excel if you are trying to get close to mangroves or other intrusive structures.

Owner Weighted Twistlock Hooks are a perfect choice because of the twistlock feature and lead weight on the hook shank.

For the Gold Digger Paddletail, the ideal hook specifics are a 3/0 sized hook weighing 1/8 oz.

To start, center the spring on the hook with the center of the paddletail lure.

Then, twist the lure onto the spring.

Once the belly of the lure is facing the point of the hook, slide the hook shank into the belly of the lure.

Slide the hook up through the bottom and out of the top of the lure.

Try to keep everything as straight and centered as possible.

Finally, as an option, you can barely skin-hook the hook point in the lure to initiate its weedless applications.


As far as jigheads are concerned, anything from 1/8 oz. to 1/4 oz. works perfectly with the Gold Digger.

The weight will vary on how deep you are fishing.

Traditionally, jigheads are best used in deeper water of anything over 4 feet.

Jigheads are designed to get your baits down to the bottom faster because of its head placement.

Weighted hooks are designed to glide slowly down to the bottom.

If you are fishing around a lot of intrusive structure, you may not want to go with a jighead that has an exposed hook.

To rig the Gold Digger Paddletail on a jighead, simply slide the hook point through the center of the nose of the lure.

Continue to slide the lure onto the hook while keeping it centered.

Once the lure is securely on the jighead, you can expose the hook point and slide the lure up over the jighead barbs.

Furthermore, in terms of ideal jighead colors to use with the Gold Digger, we find brighter colors like chartreuse to work best.

Chartreuse stands out in dirtier water which is when the Gold Digger is at its best.

The reason for that is the color gold actually requires less light to flash.

In murky water, there is less light penetration which makes the Gold Digger a go-to choice.


Gold Digger Rig

The Gold Digger Paddletail is an essential part of an inshore angler’s tackle box.

If you come across dirty or murky water, you are going to wish you had a Gold Digger Paddletail!

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Do you have any more questions on how to rig the Gold Digger Paddletail?

Let me know down below!

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Stephen Messer
1 year ago

Great lure. Thanks for sharing.

Richard Thomas
1 year ago

Awesome tips Tony! Love the Gold Digger!

Dave Juzwick
1 year ago

Love the tip on when to push the hook out of the lure. Details matter.

Steven Free
1 year ago

Yes I have used these and similar other paddletails made from other companies to the gulp root beer gold with chartruese tail is one of my favorites and used on a safety pin style spinnerbaits is deadly on reds and flounder inmy primarily murky water where I live and fish here in Jacksonville Florida st Augustine area thanks for the info and all you do😉👍

Terry McLaughlin
1 year ago

Great video Tony I have been fishing these upside down as it helps me align bait and hook They work great here in the Mosquito Lagoon and IR Thanks for the info

Kim MacCartney
1 year ago

Tony…Good info on why they work so well in murky water which is what we have mostly in the inshore waters of the OBX.

Just ordered my free Gold Digger Paddletails. Probably need to get your computer geeks to change the offer. It says “Just pay $2.83 Shipping.” Actually with the constant USPS rate increases it is now $3.50 shipping. Still an awesome deal. Keep the great info coming…just renewed my subscription!

John Thomson
1 year ago

After watching your trip video, I decided to try out the gold digger on an early morning trip in murky water. Result: slot trout and 19″ and 22″ snook.

James Wilson
1 year ago

Thanks for the video and your time.

Xavier Muniz
1 year ago

Thanks for the video, Tony! Gold Digger is my #1 go to lure due to the murky water in the canal/bayou at my house. What do you recommend for slightly deeper water that also has structure (mangroves/oysters/grass)? It would seem that a 1/4oz weighted weedless hook would be ideal, however that’s not an available option in the Owner TwistLOCK or Hoss Helix hooks, and I am constantly getting snagged if I choose to go with an open jighead.

Lance Griesheimer
1 year ago
Reply to  Xavier Muniz

Xavier. Don’t know if this will help but I add weight with a slotted sinker. I’m just careful to center it. So it doesn’t throw the swim pattern off. Hope this helps

Matt Lanier
1 year ago

Great work Tony!


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