Soft Plastic Paddletails

Here is the homepage for tips, tutorials, reviews, rigging, and more for soft plastic paddletails!

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Topwater Lures VS. Paddletails (When To Make The Switch)

Topwater Lures VS. Paddletails. When should you make the switch from one to the other? I was out fishing super early in the morning...
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Light VS. Dark Soft Plastic Lure Color Contest: What Sparks The Most Bites?

What will spark the most bites in this light VS. dark soft plastic lure color contest???Using the Mulligan Paddletail, I tested the Slam...
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How To Retrieve The Mulligan Paddletail Near Oysters

This is how to retrieve the Mulligan Paddletail near oysters to trigger more strikes! Oyster bars provide instant hotspots to target...
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Red, White, & BOMBER!!! (80% OFF Sale!)

RED, WHITE, & BOMBER!!! Happy 4th of July!!! The Slam Shady BOMBER and the Gold Digger BOMBER are 80% OFF for America's Birthday!...
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Lure Color Contest: Pink VS. White Soft Plastic Lures

In a lure color contest, who wins: Pink VS. White??? This test features the reliable Slam Shady lure color VS. one of our newer lure...
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Shrimp Lures VS. Paddletails [When Should You Use Each?]

Shrimp Lures VS Paddletails – when are the best times to use either style of lure? These are the two types of lures that I...
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Now Introducing The NEW Optimus LIME Paddletail To Our Lineup!

We are PUMPED to introduce the NEW Optimus Lime Paddletail to our tackle shop! By popular demand, we created a new lure color with...
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Slam Shady Mulligan VS. Z-Man DieZel MinnowZ [Casting Contest]

Time for the Slam Shady Mulligan VS. Z-Man DieZel MinnowZ Casting Contest!!! This video is a continuation of our quest to find the...
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Do-It-All Fishing Lure You Need For The Transition From Winter To Spring

Is there a do-it-all lure you need for the transition from winter to spring? Lately, I've been seeing lots of anglers in our Insider...
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Paddletail Lure Casting Contest [What Size Casts The Farthest?]

In this Paddletail Lure Casting Contest - what size lure will cast the farthest??? I was interested to see if there was any difference in...
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Depth Guide for Rigging Soft Plastics By Depth Range [Cheat Sheet PDF]

How do you know when to use what lure? Or what weight of a jighead? It has a lot to do with the depth of the water and...
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It’s Your Last Chance To Grab FLAMINGO JOE Lures!

This is your last chance to get FLAMINGO JOE LURES!! We've got just a couple more boxes of these bright pink lures before they're...
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Our #1 Most Requested Lure Color Is Now In BOMBER Form!

This year we're rolling out a NEW Lure for National Angler's Day! By high demand, we started making BOMBER lures with all of our...
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Redfish Fishing Lure Size Experiment [Fishing Report]

I recently had the opportunity to go out and conduct a redfish lure size experiment! After a slow morning with not much to show for it...
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Testing NEW BOMBER Paddletail Lures [When To Use Each]

On a recent inshore fishing trip, I had the chance to start testing NEW BOMBER paddletail lures that are coming to the shop soon!!...
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