Soft Plastic Paddletails

Here is the homepage for tips, tutorials, reviews, rigging, and more for soft plastic paddletails!

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How To Use A Paddletail Like A Pro (And Catch More Fish)

Do you want to catch more fish with paddletails? These lures are great for finding fish because you can cover ground, but make sure you...
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Simple Paddletail Rigging Trick To Increase Hookups

Sick of missing strikes with paddletails? It could be because of 1 simple reason... see how to identify if that's the problem and fix it here.
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Inshore Slam On The Slam Shady Paddletail [Full Report – Map Analysis, & Tactics]

On this trip I was determined to only catch fish using the Slam Shady paddle tail lure and it was a success! Just goes to...
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