Lure Rigging

Common Paddletail Rigging Mistake That Is Costing You Fish

STOP making this common paddletail rigging mistake that is costing you fish!!! Have you ever had the issue of your paddletail running...
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#1 Most Underrated Inshore Fishing Technique (And How To Set It Up)

What's the most UNDERRATED inshore fishing technique and why? It probably isn't what you're thinking. Learn all about it and...
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Jerk Shad Hook Hacks To Get The Most Out Of Your Tackle

Next time you're out on the water, think of these jerk shad hook hacks! On a recent trip, I left all the gear I meant to take out with me...
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How To Match The Right Jighead To Soft Plastic Lures

This video is all about how to match the RIGHT jighead to soft plastic lures. If you're fishing with the wrong pairing, you might not hook...
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The Mulligan Lure Mini-Course [Rigging, Retrieving, & More]

The Mulligan lure has proven to be a top producer generating strikes due to its superior casting distance and great action in the water...
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Top 2 Rigging Hacks To Get The Most Out Of Your Soft Plastics

These are the TOP 2 rigging hacks to get the most out of your soft plastic lures! These hacks will help save you time and money...
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How To Rig Power Prawn USA Lures On Hoss Football Jigheads

This video is all about how to rig Power Prawn USA lures on Hoss Football Jigheads!! Specifically two options...
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Power Prawn USA ShrimpTreuse Is BACK!

Power Prawn USA ShrimpTreuse Lures are BACK in stock!! This is one of if not the most popular lure colors we've ever done before...
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Super Simple Hack To Rig Z-Man Kicker CrabZ On Hoss Helix Hooks

Due to the ElaZtech material Z-Man uses to create their soft plastic lures, it can be tough to get them properly rigged on weedless weighted...
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Why Hook Choice Is So Important With Z-Man Kicker CrabZ [Underwater Proof]

This underwater proof shows why hook choice is SO important with Z-Man Kicker CrabZ!!! These have quickly become a mainstay in my...
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Quick & Easy Lure Rigging Hack When Using Weighted Hooks

Next time you're struggling to rig up weedless lures, keep this easy lure rigging hack in mind! This shortcut applies when rigging any...
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Hoss Helix Hooks VS. Football Jigheads [When To Use Each Hook Style]

Hoss Helix Hooks VS. Football Jigheads - when should you use either hook style?These are two of the most common hook styles to use...
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Hoss Helix Hooks Cheat Sheet (Rigging, Lure Pairings, & More!)

Now introducing the BRAND NEW Hoss Helix Hooks Cheat Sheet!!! You don't have to think about lures, weights, depth coverage, or anything...
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When The Fish Don’t Move, It’s Time To Start Grinding [Insider Report]

For this Insider Report, I’m joined by Insiders Bill Dieckhaus and Ed Gobbo (co-host for the Salt Strong live stream) to target striped bass in...
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Working Hard For A Bite While Fishing With Texas Insider Members Pays Off

This trip started off slow and we ended up working hard for a bite while fishing with Texas Insiders! It's always a treat to have the...
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