How To Retrieve Paddletail Lures To Catch Redfish, Snook, & Seatrout


Note: This very popular post was originally published on June 6, 2020. But since then, we’ve had TONS of very helpful info added to the comments, so be sure to read the comments section too. Enjoy!

This video will show you how to retrieve paddle tail lures to catch redfish, seatrout, and snook up on the shallow flats.

For many years, I struggled with catching saltwater fish with lures so I assumed that I had to rely on live bait if I wanted to consistently catch fish.

It got to the point where I would sometime spend over an hour catching baitfish because I had zero confidence that I’d have any luck without a blacked-out livewell.

But then I started using paddle tail lures and the results with using lures started to improve.

And after 10+ years of trial and error (learning everything the hard way), I eventually got to the point where I wouldn’t bother messing with live bait because I was totally confident in catching quality fish with lures.

One of the first lures that I started getting results with was the soft plastic paddle tail, which many fishermen believe to be the best overall type of lure to be able to consistently get results because it’s so versatile.

In this video, you’ll see a helpful lesson on how to retrieve these paddle tail lures to maximize your fish catching results.

How To Retrieve Paddletail Lures [VIDEO]

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retrieving paddletail lures

Paddle tail lures are one of the most effective lures for catching redfish, seatrout, and snook.

Just like all lures, you need to put a lot of emphasis on using the proper retrieve to make sure you get as many strikes as possible.

So far, the speed variation retrieve shown in this video consisting of a straight retrieve with occasional twitches and/or pauses seems to get the best results overall.

And when fishing your rod tip down, make sure to do a side sweeping motion on your hook set because that seems to get a much better hookup ratio than going straight up.

Please leave a comment below if you’ve found any other retrieve styles to work great when using paddle tail lures.

Equipment Used This Trip:

Tight Lines!

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Steve Williams
2 years ago

How much does “Lucky Otis” charge for a day trip? I’m sure he has his Gulf Coast guide’s license. Asking for a “friend” here in Texas. 🙂

William Cogswell
2 years ago

Otis is the best!!!

Buddy Harrison
2 years ago

Thanks Luke! it definitely helps to have these coaching tips as a reminder. Sometimes imitating a Bill Dance hookset is a hard habit to break … seeing the flow of your cast, retrieve and set are an awesome pattern for actually resetting those habits. Finesse fishing at its Best with Otis! Stay Salt Strong.

Rob Bordelon
3 years ago

Luke, I understand your retrieve. I’m trying to figure out your location. It looks to me like your just in a flat in the middle of nowhere. Can you help me out with how you chose to throw out where you were?

Steven Free
3 years ago

I decided to try a little different retrieved with the paddletail and yes added a twitch or two while retrieving it I do believe the more erratic and different the movement in the bait the fish will notice it more and have a better tenancy to strike unlike if an angler just strait retrieved it the bait then just looks normal but when adding twitches or is paused a little the bait looks injured or weak leaving it vulnerable sometimes triggering a strike thanks for the info and all you do????

Bob Thompson
3 years ago

Luke, used the Slam Shady first time with a 1/16th Owner twist lock with a 7’6 Glomis rod and could not even cast it 20′, what are you doing to cast it so far?

Steven Free
3 years ago
Reply to  Bob Thompson

What pound test line were you using I use 20lb powerpro with a 20 lb leader and can get it pretty far line size does matter I know luke uses 10 lb braid but he is also fishing clear water here in Jax fl it’s not needed as much but I don’t go heavier then 20 20 seems to handle the endless oysters and snags we have here in northeast fl if I used 10 like him I believe I would have a lot more breakouts but that’s me also if your using a baitcaster instead of a spinning reel the brake might be to tight and the spool doesn’t rotate fast enough for a good cast just saying I only say what I have experienced have been saltwater inshore fishing since 03 and been fishing in general since I was 5 and I’m 56 now and like I said just saying just trying to help

vic weinstein
3 years ago

Luke when you are fishing around a lot of structure like rocks and jetties is there any advantage to retrieving with the rod tip up to help avoid getting hung up on the structure?

Teddy Brown
3 years ago

Great tip! Thanks

Richard Doane
3 years ago

Has anyone tried a paddle tail under a popping cork?

Richard Doane
3 years ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds


Giomar Jaramillo
3 years ago

I ordered the 7ft tfo medium because my car doesn’t have enough space for the 7’6. Is there a significant difference or will the only difference be casting a pinch shorter?


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