Temple Fork Outfitter Spinning Rod Independent Review [Video]

By: Luke Simonds on August 18, 2016
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Temple Fork Outfitter Spinning Rod Review

Many have asked which fishing rod I like best for inshore fishing.

So I made the video below to highlight the rod that I’ve been using for the past year that I have been very impressed with

The reason why selecting the right rod for your fishing needs is that it is one of the most important tools you have when fishing with artificial lures.

In fact, I personally believe that the fishing rod is the most important of all pieces of equipment because it controls so many essential tasks:

  1. Casting distance/control
  2. Working the lure on the retrieve
  3. Feeling bites
  4. Setting the hook
  5. Helping pull in the fish

And one rod I’ve found that I really like is from a company based in Dallas, TX called Temple Fork Outfitters (TFO).

TFO Rod Video Review

In this short video, you’ll learn about the findings I’ve had while using this spinning rod over the past year for inshore fishing.

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TFO Spinning Rod Specs

Here are the listed Specifications listed on their Professional series spinning rod that I like best:

  • Length: 7’6″
  • Power: Medium
  • Line Weight: 6 – 12 lbs
  • Lure Weight: 1/4th to 3/4th oz
  • Model Number: TFG PSS 764-1 (used to be TFG SSS 764-1)

The downside of this rod is that it is difficult to find in retail stores.

I always recommend supporting your local tackle shops, so be sure to check them if they have TFOs in stock if you’re interested in these TFO rods.

If you can’t find them locally, they can be ordered on Amazon (click here for a direct link to the exact size, model, & action that I like to use).

Want To See This Rod In Action?

If you’d like to see this rod in action, here’s a video showing some finesse fishing in a skinny creek for snook.

You’ll see all 5 essential tasks listed above in action:

  • Long cast into a narrow creek channel up ahead
  • Easy retrieve with its lightweight yet sturdy blank
  • Quick feel of strike
  • Good hook set
  • Enough backbone to keep it from the structure

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Click here to see this rod help catch a snook from a 3rd-floor balcony


Having a quality rod is essential for inshore anglers who want to maximize their results while fishing with artificial lures since it’s in charge of so many important tasks.

After testing many different rods, I’ve found best results with the ones that are lightweight while also having a firm tip which provides excellent feel and an effective blank for successfully presenting a lure to a fish.

So far, I’ve found that this rod made by Temple Fork Outfitters to be a fantastic fit for my inshore fishing needs.

Be sure to support your local tackle shops so check them if they have TFOs in stock.

Otherwise, click here for a direct link on Amazon to the exact size, model, & action that I like to use.

P.S. – Be sure to share this with any of your fishing friends who is in need of a new spinning rod for inshore fishing.

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Joe V.
Joe V.

Tfo or g loomis? I have daiwa bg 3000. Please help me to decide. Thanks!

Coty Walker

Hey Luke hope all is well. I also have this 7’6” medium rod. The lure weight range is 1/4 to 3/4 ounce. I have a 2500 reel paired with it and the majority of the time I use either a 1/16th ounce weighted hook with a jerk bait or a 1/8th ounce jig head also with a soft plastic. Neither of these fall within the lure weight range, how detrimental is this to casting distance?

Tom Knoblock

what reel and weight of braid line do you recommend with this rod for redfish & trout


Been contemplating adding the TFO PROFESSIONAL 7’6” med light to my arsenal, I have the medium. I believe on your YouTube channel during your bg 2500 review you were using one. If so, what is your thoughts on that model? Thanks ahead and keep up the good work!

Ira Cohen

will that TFO 7’6″ rod handle a ‘Penn Battle 11 #4000,’ or would I need an 8′ med./heav.?

Daniel Shuford

Are these rods made in the USA?

Tim Blanton

Hey Luke, I am Austin Tim Blanton’s son. I am 14 years old and I have a big interest in fishing. Rod shopping is so hard for me because I dont know what I like. But after watching this video and everything you have had to say about this rod I feel that, it just fits my needs. So now I want a TFO rod for christmas. So I just wanted to thank you for everything you guys do, and it sure has been a big help.


Luke, how would you rate the long handle of this rod for kayak use

Dennis Bills

Luke, I have the 7′ model of these rods and I love it. I am going to pick up another one and was wondering if you see a big performance difference between the 7′ and 7.5 ft. models. The reason I ask is the 7′ just fits cross ways in the back of my pickup and the 7.5 would have the tip bent the whole time and when the kayak is in the back the rods go under them. If there is not a substantial difference I will stick with the 7′. Thanks

Kenneth Sims

From reading it seems the there is the tfo professional series and the GIS inshore series. The gis inshore series obviously seems to be a saltwater grade rod. Is this true for the professional series that you have reviewed as well.

Richard Arredondo

hi luke,
i was wondering if you would be willing to compare the tfo rod with other brands and post which ones might come closes to the tfo since it is pretty hard to get. thx

Zachary Nelson

I wish these were sold with a solid cork grip instead of the split grin design. I can’t seem to find this exact rod with the single grip design.


I have been with TFO since this rod came out and have been using this particular rod on my charters since then, about six years and I am very pleased with it’s performance. Originally it was a split grip and now the newer ones are a full grip but both perform great. The toughest fish I have caught on this rod was a 27.5″ gag grouper, so if it can handle this it can handle anything on the flats. I usually target reds and snook and these poles are great for live bait with it’s fast taper as not to throw live baits off ( ripping their nose from to stiff of a tip) but also a quick backbone to throw lures and fight large fish!! These rods were designed by the master Gary Loomis for Temple Fork Outfitters. Locally we are lucky to have the largest dealer of TFO rods in Florida right here in Tampa, Southeastern Fishing Tackle Liquidators 2907 N Florida Ave, Tampa, FL 33602. Since they are the largest dealer they can warrant your TFO rod right at the store as Mike about the details of the warranty. If the rod is defective from normal use they can warranty it right at the store, meaning you walk out of the store with a new rid in hand ready to fish no mailing back to the company and waiting weeks.
I hope this helps anglers to be able to find the rod they want and if you go please let Mike know I sent you his way.

Capt. George Hastick

Steve Lee

Amazon has several models of the tfo rod

Russ Forbes

Are you familiar with 13 fishing? They make an inshore rod at a great price point that I have heard good things about. Do you have an opinion on this rod? How does it compare with the TFO rod?

Larry Eustace

I bought the TFO GIS SWS704-1 7’0″ M 8-16 lbs several months ago and have been using it to catch big redfish in the shallows. I absolutely love the rod, great action and plenty of backbone when fishing around structure. The blue rod looks sweet when combined with spiderwire blue camo braid. I’m convinced TFO makes the best spinning rod, you got to at least own one.

Bill DeWeese

Not a bad price either for such a good set of specs. The link on TackleDirect shows the split grip but I think it mentions full. Are there different model numbers between full and split?