Fishing with Otis

Want to see more videos where we’re fishing with Otis?

Well here’s an assortment of some of the fun trips we’ve had with Otis on the boat “helping” us catch fish.


Catching Super Spooky Fish Even With Otis On The Boat [Insider Report]

This fishing report shows a fishing report from my trip yesterday where the pre-plan helped quickly put me in front of a lot of fish....
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Lure Experiment Insider Report: Rattles & Shrimp Vs. Paddletail

This insider report shows helpful tips on how to generate strikes from snook and trout even on days with weak tides and finicky fish.
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How To Retrieve Paddletail Lures To Catch Redfish, Snook, & Seatrout

There are few lures that compare to the versatility of a Paddletail. If you want to learn how to retrieve paddletail lures, look no further...
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Awesome Snook Catch While Skipping New Lure Under Docks

Just wanted to share a fun snook catch that took place while skipping our new shrimp lure up under some docks. During a recent dock...
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Exploration Trip To Redington Beach With Otis [Fishing Report]

Do you fish the exact same spots or do you try others? Check out this on-the-water footage from a recent Redington Beach fishing trip...
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Exploration Trip To Palmetto: Redfish, Seatrout, Snook, And Crazy Dog

Fishing in new waters can be fun and exciting! There are challenges you may face as well. The keys to fishing new spots are...
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Palmetto Trip Report: Pre-Trip & Post Trip Analysis [Spot Dissection]

See the pre-trip plan & post trip analysis from the trip to Palmetto so that you can see the exact types of spots were holding the most fish.
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Fun Exploration Fishing Trip To Safety Harbor With Otis

See a fun fishing trip to explore some new waters in Safety Harbor. Otis joined in the fun this trip and made it an added adventure as always.
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Are Snook Attracted To Scent? (Shocking Lure Experiment Results)

Does adding scent to a lure cause you to catch more snook? In this video I'll share with you the surprising results of this experiment, plus...
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This Shortcut Helped Me Quickly Catch 7 Redfish & Snook In New Spots

Want to a shortcut for catching more snook and redfish? It's not about the spot, or about the lure, or about time on the water. It's all about...
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Using “Trends” To Quickly Catch A Slam While Exploring New Waters

This insider report shows how important knowing the real-time trends can be... quick slam while exporing new areas even with Otis causing trouble:)
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3 Tips To Land Big Fish On Light Tackle

Do you know what to do if you catch a big fish on light tackle? Here are three tips to help you in case you hook into the fish of a lifetime on light line.
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How To Catch Fish With Live Shrimp In The Shallows (Spots & Rigging Tips)

Want to catch tons of fish on the flats? Try throwing out a live shrimp. In this video you'll learn the best spots, rigging and more for using live shrimp.
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The Quick Way To Catch An Inshore Slam In A New Area (Without Bait)

Want to catch more inshore slams this summer? Check out these four tips that I used to catch an inshore slam recently on just two lures! You'll discover...
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How To Catch More Redfish, Snook, & Grouper With Just ONE Lure

If you want to catch more fish on artificial lures, you need to simplify your tackle and focus on the 2 things that really matter when it comes to...
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