Fun Exploration Fishing Trip To Safety Harbor With Otis

In this video, you’ll see a fun fishing report from a trip I had earlier this week with Otis to explore some new waters.

I recorded the trip so that you can see what happened… both the good and the bad.

And as usual, Otis made sure to make the trip into new waters an added adventure.

Safety Harbor Fishing Report

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Equipment Used

Here’s a list of the equipment that I was using on this trip:


This is another example of the fact that using artificial lures can be a big advantage when fishing in new waters since they enable you to cover water more quickly.

It was just 3 hours from launching the boat and getting back to the ramp, so I had to move fast in order to find some fish (#1 most important task).

The strategies shown in the video above are described in detail in the Insider Report from this trip in which you can see exactly what spots were holding the most fish as well as the tidal cycle that is best.

Leave a comment below if you have any questions.

Tight Lines!

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Coy Stephens
1 year ago

Luke, the city ramp is free. I fish that area often. It’s hard fishing right now. I usually fish around the airport. Otis is a trip. Lol

John Kell
1 year ago

Where can I buy the 4 legged seat on the front of your boat. John Kell member

Ken F.
1 year ago

Hey Luke, Otis is a great dog and companion. love to see him having a great time with you. keep up the great vids. .

donovan sanchez
1 year ago

Love that DOG!

John Novak
1 year ago

Notice you sometimes have your lure hooked through the guide on the rod – always been taught that’s a no-no.

Good video – I always enjoy watching your fishing trips.


Larry Poe
1 year ago

Late to the Otis party, but enjoyed it anyway.

Looking forward to your new custom rig.

Steven Rackas
1 year ago

Put a GoPro on Otis!!!

Jeff Mortellaro
1 year ago

Great video Luke! Only having a 2 week Flounder season here in NC, everyday is precious. So having to cancel a trip with my wife and our friends, because I’m a bit under the weather, really hurts. But by watching your video, I was able to fish vicariously! I felt every magical tug of the snook, sitting in my recliner, and Otis gave me a nice chuckle! Thank you.

Rick Daniel
1 year ago

Otis is looking good, nice to see him in action again!

Alan Thomas
1 year ago

Fishing from Land at Fred Howard Park in Tarpon this morning at sunrise. 3 Mango snappers, Out of slot Redfish, nice trout. Was wading at second bridge, left hand side going to beach. Threw the Moonwalker before the sun came up and had some chase it, but did not take it. Lots of fun!


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