The One Piece Of Apparel That Actually Helps You Catch More Fish…


Most of the time, apparel is all about branding…

You buy the newest fishing shirt because you saw your favorite Instagram angler wearing it…

It’s not necessarily going to make you a better fisherman, but at least you’ll feel cool!

But are there actually any clothing items that do make you a better angler?


Find out what it is in the video below.

Clothing That Helps You Catch More Fish [VIDEO]

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Polarized sunglasses were a huge breakthrough for fishermen with their ability to help you see into the water…

The only issue is that sunlight can still creep in through the sides of your glasses, which hinders your vision into the water.

But if you wear a hoodie, the hood can help block the sunlight from coming in from the sides and help your vision into the water be more clear, so you can see more fish.

And not only that, but it also helps protect your neck and ears from the sun.

Whenever I’m fishing (especially sight fishing) I always wear a hoodie.

You can get our hoodies from our shop here (Insiders get 20% off!)

Have any questions about wearing hoodies to see into the water better?

Let me know in the comments below!

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Ken Gray
7 months ago

Luke, I was born with a vision impairment, so I look for every possible edge. Just went out with my new Salt Strong hoodie and thought it was great. One worry I had was that it would be too warm, but the material made that a nonissue. I am very careful with sun exposure, so I also felt good about the hoodie protecting my ears and arms. Thanks!

Tad Thomas
3 years ago

Great tip on the hoodie Luke! I think I’ll mention it to Santa! Also not sure if you have done a review on the different sunglasses available? Not so much on the brand but more so about which color works best for inshore, off shore etc. Thank you and Merry Christmas

Elton Reid
3 years ago

I’m not normally a hoodie wearer and like David, especially pullover style, but love my SaltStrong Sun Protection Hoodie! Super light and comfortable material that doesn’t overheat in the sun.

David Fender
3 years ago

If it was a zip up hoodie I’d probably grab a couple. I’m just over the pullover hoodies

David Fender
3 years ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

Ha I was at work and just clicked on the link and thought it was a thicker type hoodie. I actually just bought a shirt like this yesterday that’s got a couple layers to it for cold weather. I have 4 or 5 fishing shirts with hoods that I bought this past spring. I was skeptical of the hood at first thinking I would be hotter but once I get out on the water it cools down and I dont think I really sweat and if I did it wasnt enough to take notice of. Are you planning on getting any other color “hoodies”?

David Fender
3 years ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

I like the tan sort of sand color or a little darker like the sawgrass. I usually fish from a kayak but stop on islands and sandbars alot


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