Sight Fishing For Bull Redfish [Florida vs. Louisiana]

By: Luke Simonds on August 6, 2019
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There aren’t many things in life that will make grown men squeal with joy like little boys…

But sight fishing bull redfish super close to the boat is one of those things!

I’ve had some great days catching redfish in my life, but this was definitely the best one in terms of the sheer number of big fish caught with short casts while sight fishing.

And while fishing in Louisiana, I noticed a lot of similarities in the fact that the fish were in the same types of spots, and they were striking the same types of lures.

But I noticed one very big difference between redfish in Louisiana vs. Florida that’s very important to consider if you’ll be sight fishing for them.

Check out the video below to see what the difference is.

Sight Fishing Louisiana vs. Florida Redfish [VIDEO]

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What a crazy day on the water!

Once we discovered that one trick we were getting strikes left and right!


Louisiana florida redfish sight fishing

If you haven’t been to Louisiana to catch these bull reds, I highly recommend making a trip over there!

We stayed at Cajun Fishing Adventures and you can visit their website here:

Although the casting methods were different, the gear, spots, and strategies to catch these redfish were the same.

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Scott Weed

Luke, other than leading reds in Florida, have you found any other key considerations to counter how spooky they are? That seems to be my biggest challenge. Just got some weighted twistlock hooks, to get off the splashier jigs … but I’m definitely curious if there are other aspects I might be forgetting.


Dang!….awesome videos and fishing….Congrats!! Looks like we need a Saltstrong meetup in LA 🙂

Lance Davis

Nice video! Where do we get a shirt like the one Joe is wearing??


Measuring girth and length formula, the best gentle way of getting an accurate weight on a fish? What are some other ways you would recommend to weigh a fish, if it is going to be released? On another note. Wow! I can’t believe how forgiving the fish are in Louisiana!

Harry Kinkead

Love the videos! What a great trip. Super excited that I’m heading that way in 2 weeks.

Gary Rankel

Wow…….here’s hoping climate change sends some of those big mamas down our way.

James McKinney

Thanks for the video. I am headed to fish Louisiana in a couple of months and having a head start will make it that much better.

Roger Meyer

Really love your contributions, Luke.

Thomas Campbell

That is like the perfect fishing trip! You guys did great! I live in Florida and work out of Louisiana, so now I’m gonna have to fish here! I gotta ask. How did you like the falcon rods that CA uses? Haven’t heard much about them

How about South Carolina vs. Florida? Any insight (no pun intended) on any difference between the two?

John Purdue

I’m ready to go. Would like to take my 85 year old dad while we can still do it together

Charles Phillippi

Your right catching those would make a grown man squeal with delight!!

Cleve Carpenter

Awesome footage!!! Ryan Lambert and his group are fantastic!!! Haven’t been down there in a while but love to go back!!!

Greg and Cindy Batchelor

Omg! Exciting footage ….good job, guys

John Diaz

What time of year was this trip?

steve cleveland
steve cleveland

Looking for a all day Cobia trip