The Best Lures For Catching Redfish [Surprise Answer]

By: Luke Simonds on March 16, 2018
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It’s redfish lure time!

Wondering what the best lures for catching redfish are?

Well if you go to any tackle store, you’ll surely see that the choices of lures for catching redfish are pretty much unlimited…

There are just so many different lure options these days.

Since this is one of the most common questions that we get, I wanted to put this video together to highlight the most important thing to consider when thinking about your redfish lures.

And the answer may very well surprise you (as you’ll see below).

Watch this video below because it shows an example of the priorities you should have regarding lures for redfish.

Hint: the lure isn’t as important as you think it is…

Best Redfish Lures

The actual best lure for redfish can vary based on water depth, clarity, season, etc., so there is not an all-encompassing answer to that question.

But there is an all-encompassing factor that is much more important than the specific lure being used.

Click on the video image below to see what that BIG factor is:

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The Best Lures For Redfishbest lure for catching redfish

Did the answer surprise you?

As shown in the video above, the actual lure being used is not nearly as important as the spot that you’re fishing when it comes to catching redfish.

That being said, here are 2 lists of lures that I really trust for catching redfish:

Shallow Water Lures for Redfish

  • Soft plastics rigged on weighted hooks or worm hooks
  • Weedless spoons
  • Hard plastic twitch baits
  • Topwater lures

Deep Water Lures for Redfish

  • Soft plastics rigged on jig heads (weighted properly for target depth)
  • Bucktail Jigs
  • Swimbaits
  • Diving plugs

But the truth is that 90% of fish hold in 10% of the water…

So the smartest thing to do is put a majority of your effort into finding the 10% of water that holds the most fish (instead of worrying about selecting the absolute perfect lure).

Because the reality is that there is no such thing as the “best lure for redfish” that spans all water depths and all seasons.

On the other hand, there is absolute truth to the fact that redfish often congregate in areas for feeding.

And when you are in those feeding zones, the actual bait used isn’t very important as displayed in the video above.

Conclusionbest lure for catching redfish

As you saw in the video, there is no one perfect lure when it comes to catching redfish.

Are there certain redfish lures that work better than others?


But the moral of the story is that if you aren’t in an area that is holding redfish, there isn’t a lure in the world that can help you catch any.

On the other hand, if you spend more time predicting where the redfish will be (and less time buying tons of lures), your chances skyrocket in terms of catching redfish more consistently.

My results significantly improved when I simply began arming myself with one or two lures that I trust for a given depth of water that I’m targeting.

And then forcing myself to not doubt the lure when fishing knowing that the actual location that I’m fishing is so much more important.

For consistent results over time, it is essential to get very good at quickly assessing the area you’re fishing as being a Feeding Zone or a Dead Zone.

That assessment will prevent yourself from spending a lot of time in a bad area when there very well be a hot spot just around the corner like I found the day of the trip shown above.

If you need help assessing areas and finding new feeding zones even when fishing in areas you’ve never been to before, then be sure to check out our Insider Fishing Club.

Do you have any particular lures that you like best for catching redfish? If so, please use the Comments section below to share what you like best with the group.

And as always, you’re of course welcome to ask any questions you have in the Comments section too.

Fish On!

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John Noble

If you don’t want to wade, catching redfish can be as simple as soaking either live mullet, pinfish, cut mullet, or peeled fresh shrimp and casting along the grass line. Bait selection depends on the time of year. Sit in your boat, and wait for the next school to come along.

Richard Hart

I catch a lot of snook, BUT I am not good at all at catching Reds? I hope to learn fropm joining Salt Strong! Thanks!

geo will
geo will

The best bait is what they ate before lures were introduced.


Catching Redfish using a quarter of a blueprint crab on weighted hook and under a poping cork is very productive over reefs and in marshes of Louisiana. It is a popular technique.


Super small Johnson gold spoon

W. Frazier
W. Frazier

I would like to add my vote – the one lure I catch more on than anything else, and this is in river situations not clear water, is a chatterbait over oyster beds. They absolutely murder it.


I also go to the Johnson weedless gold spoon here in NC. They can’t resist it.

Noel Snedeker

I notice that you have some lures which have the hook facing the lure, I guess weed less. Is this a special lure or can I do this with any lure, i.e. a Gulp.


Gold spoon has always worked for me.

Johnny Norton

Weather is been a big factor here in Charlotte harbor area. The winds continue to stir up the water and pull out making for really low tides. For my friends fishings this area I have found to look for the no wind blown banks and deeper holes. I have seen many big snook but they are very slow on the bite or not at all. Back around the the grass flats around Gasprillia sound there are big black tip but the wind will challenge you. Lots of lady fish big ones on the corners of the small islands find current moving past the points they there. Live target baits or Vodoo shrimp on a popper. Good luck everyday on the water is a good day.

I likie a 1/4 oz copper spoon, not the weedless one. Replace the treble hook with a red Owner circle hook and float a clear plastic bubble float about a foot to a foot in a half ahead of the spoon. Keeps it out of the grass. Very effective!

Johnny Norton

I been fishing the back waters of Bullbay here in Charlotte county. The reds we been catching seem to be loving a slow moving plastic jerk bait or a white fluke rigged with 5/0 hook let it sink to the bottom after each pull. Every where we saw mullets running the bank there was Reds mixed in or just behind them. 64 to 67 water temps here. Good luck.

Eric Bardes

Hey Luke, Were you using any scent? If so what scent? Pin fish?

Brett Cox

Were you basically keeping those jerkbaits on the bottom? And were those Keel weighted hooks you’re using and are they J Hooks? I can catch a hundred snook in a day, I don’t know why I’m having such a problem with red fish lately.


Do you ever fish the marsh?

Lee Ashe



What!!! No magic lure??

Steven Free

Wow like you were not kidding tons of reds there mostly schoolies I’d say by the size of them also one question do you ever keep any fish you catch?! I know I do because I love them on my grill and besides fish is brain food if you have not heard but don’t get me wrong I know we all can’t keep them all because we all have to think about the future of fishing and if all anglers kept everyone caught the stocks would soon be zero and for your info ole John good all had a great comment about rattle traps for reds I got another tip try floating rattle traps fishing them around oysters for reds and or trout because a floating rattle trap doesn’t sink you can reel them right over the tops of oysters they snag less but are deadly especially at high tide where the oysters are about a foot or two under water that’s where I have found them to be best because the reds are cruising around the oysters looking for crabs and baitfish the ole floating rattle trap is there where other baits get hung up as they say try it you might be surprised😁

Russ Scholl

Nice trip Luke! I agree-find feeding fish and usually the lure doesn’t matter much. My brother and I were catching reds under diving birds in Lake Borgne LA. His soft plastic came off and he was scrambling to get another plastic. I told him to hurry and just cast the jig head. He thought I was kidding but threw it-almost instant red on!

John Allgood
John Allgood

Buck Perry (the father of structure fishing) said “You can’t catch them by fishing where they ain’t.”
No question, the most important part of successful fishing (for ANY species) is FINDING FISH. Redfish are very aggressive. I have seen them hit an amazing array of lures and baits without showing much preference.

John Allgood
John Allgood

A rattletrap is a VERY effective lure for redfish. I have used them for 38 years and caught redfish casting and trolling on them. Sometimes I let the rattletrap sink and sweep the rod up fast, causing an extreme amount of noise and then pause and let the lure sink again… reel down taking up line as you lower the rod then sweep it up again. The strike comes as the rattletrap is falling. Doing this you feel a *thump* when the redfish inhales the rattletrap as it falls. On steady moving retrieves the reds CRUSH rattletraps. They deliver some of the hardest strikes I have ever felt from any fish.

James DeLoach

What boat are you fishing on? Looks like my Scout 251 XS. Glad to see you catching fish instead of showing us how. Love to see the live bait tutorial catching fish.

Gregory Ramko

Awesome info. Is the blue rod a TFO GIS inshore?


So, if lures are like cherry blossoms meaning they are all perfect; does that hold true for flies as well? It is the depth that needs to be the focal point?