The Best 4 Tactics for Catching Redfish Near Mangroves (Video)


Are you struggling to find redfish?

Are you having trouble finding the best way to fish mangrove shorelines?

One of the best places in the southeast to find redfish is along mangrove shorelines.

Mangroves act as structure that provides protection to redfish and also houses baitfish, crabs, shrimp and other prey that redfish eat.

This post goes over four great tips to help you catch more redfish out of the mangroves, including:

  1. Fish Points and Edges
  2. Cast Past Your Fish
  3. Skip It!
  4. Throw at Everything Fishy

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1. Fish Mangrove Points and Edges

Working mangrove points at corners of shorelines and edges is an effective way to find redfish cruising mangrove shorelines.

Redfish love to sit on the corners of shorelines and ambush unsuspecting crustaceans and baitfish that happen to wonder by.

Below is an example of a mangrove point with a corner that redfish are sitting under:

Mangroves with Redfish
Mangrove points serve as ideal ambush spots for redfish.

When moving down mangrove shorelines, look for changes in depth, corners, points and any other unique structure to find more redfish.

2. Cast Past Your Fish

Locating fish along the mangroves is one thing, but making a good presentation with your lure or bait is another.

It’s important to place your cast in the right position to get eaten by the redfish, especially since most mangrove shorelines are in shallow water so the fish will often be more wary of your casts.

Try to throw your lure or bait at leaast a few feet past your redfish and leading it based on its movement if you see it in the water.

If you’re smart casting (targeting areas like points, potholes, etc. that are the spots most likey to hold feeding redfish), then make sure to cast past your target spot so that you can work your lure/bait back through the strike zone.

Check out the graphic below to see the “zone” you want your cast to land in:

Where to Cast to Catch Redfish
Casting Past and in front of the redfish’s path allows anglers to get their bait in front of the fish.

Once your cast has landed, retrieve your cast at a speed that allows you to get your offering in front of the redfish.

3. Skip It! (Your Lure) 

Sometimes redfish will sit so far up under the mangrove trees that there is no way to get a cast in front of them with a traditional cast.

This forces anglers to skip their lures under the mangrove trees to get to the redfish.

Skipping your lure allows you to get a good long cast that stays low and close to the water the whole time. The lure uses the water to bounce itself forward on the cast in the same way that you skip a stone across the surface of the water.

The skip cast allows you to get your bait far back and under the mangrove roots. This is often the most effective way to locate redfish laid up in the mangroves and is a necessity to know how to do if you fish mangroves for redfish.

If you need help maximizing yours skip casts, here’s a solid tutorial from Luke showing how to skip up under mangroves and docks.

4. Throw at Everything Fishy

When fishing mangroves for redfish, it’s important to look for signs of fish such as nervous water, tailing fish, bait pods and wakes.

Watch the edges of the mangroves carefully. Redfish cruise right along these shorelines (often just under the overhanging mangrove branches) when on the search for prey.

Make lots of casts. Look for signs of fish movement, bait and nervous water.

While you may not always be casting at redfish, it never hurts to try throwing a cast at something that could be a fish.

Because that school of mullet you were just throwing at might just happen to be a school of hungry redfish as shown in this video:

Catching Redfish Near Mangroves (VIDEO)

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Using the techniques stated above will help you catch more redfish off of mangrove shorelines.

Remember that redfish and other predator fish could be way up under the mangroves or could be completely out in the open just cruising off the shoreline.

Looks for the signs we stated above to find these fish and then determine what kind of cast you need to make to get your offering in front of them.

If you have any comments or questions about mangrove redfish, let us know in the comments below:

Tight Lines!

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