How To Skip Lures Way Up Under Docks & Mangrove Overhangs [Video]


For inshore anglers who fish mangroves, the skip cast is undoubtedly the most important cast of all to master.

This is because the ability to effectively skip lures under mangrove overhangs will significantly increase the amount of “strike zone” water you can cover…

And by increasing the amount of “strike zone” water you cover will undoubtedly result in catching more fish.

Best of all, the ability to effectively skip lures up under mangroves will make mangrove fishing one of the most exciting type of fishing one can do because:

  1. It’s fun to watch your lure perfectly skip up under overhang and in the gaps making every cast enjoyable
    skip cast
  2. Getting a strike while your lure is ~5ft back under a mangrove overhang makes for a thrilling battle

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How To Skip Lures Under Mangroves [Video]

The skip cast is what separates those who sometimes catch inshore fish, to those who always come back with pictures, stories, and/or tasty fillets for family and friends to enjoy.

Because the skip cast isn’t just for fishing mangroves, it is extremely effective for fishing any type of structure that overhang the water’s surface.

And predator fish feed around mangroves and other structure that overhangs the water throughout all seasons.

Watch the short video below to see how to make long and straight skips… here’s what you’ll see:

  • Description of great type of lure for skipping
  • Top casting motion for skipping lures
  • How to literally double your skipping effectiveness

Click on the image below to watch the skipping lure video:

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Supplemental information from video: Click here to see how to rig a soft plastic bait weedless for skipping

Skip Casting From Kayaks & Paddle Boards

Although the above video was shown when fishing from a boat, please know that skip casting can elevate fish catching results when fishing from kayaks and paddle boards too.

Although they are a bit more unstable (especially the board I was using in the video below), getting comfortable in skipping lures while paddle fishing is extremely important.

For skipping lures from an unstable platform (paddle board or kayak), the most important 2 things are:

  1. Get comfortable casting from a standing position (practice makes perfect)
  2. Maintain balance throughout the cast… no shaking the board/yak

Because it’s tough to effectively skip lures when sitting down, and any quick shifts from the board/yak can often spook the fish (make sure that you’re comfortable board or yak isn’t pushing out waves)

Watch the fun video below to see the results of skip casting from an unstable paddle board that was made for surfing (just 28 inches at its max width):

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Knowing how to skip lures up under mangroves is essential for anglers who fish inshore waters where mangroves thrive.

Because many predator fish use the overhanging branches and widespread root systems that mangroves provide as both protection from larger fish/animals and as ambush points for getting their own meals.

So every extra bit of distance up under the overhangs you can get in your casts will yield exponentially more strikes, which will ensure that your days out on the water are as fun and exciting as possible.

It sure is difficult to beat the thrill of hooking a big redfish or snook way up under the mangroves, and being able to effective skip lures from both forehand and backhand casting motion will maximize your success fishing mangroves.

Best of all, it is extremely helpful when fishing docks too!

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Eric Black
1 year ago

Skip casting sounds easy, but you’re right that it takes practice. When I was a kid, I used to skip rocks and was pretty good at it. You’re right that speed and having the lure close to the water are key.

Larry Elkins
3 years ago

Great input as usual. You are going to spoil us with great data. I really like the “How to videos.
Thanks again

chad griffin
5 years ago

Great tips, also affecting the ability to skip is gear related such as the size of leader, braid, and weight of lure. Personally my favorite skipping rod is six foot cause it is easy to swing and keep low to the water. Just fyi of other factors that come to mind. Once again great video.

emil brandt
5 years ago

my guide asked if i was a professional bass fisher man because of the way i placed my cast… practice makes perfect i have taught a lot of people how to cast i am self taught and like to share my knowledge with others….i never make a blind cast every cast i make is to a target even if it is imaginary

emil brandt
5 years ago

learn how to cast and you dont need to skip your bait…and i prefer live bait

5 years ago

Thank you for the excellent tips on getting unstuck I am really good at losing lures and fish lol Rose


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