It’s Topwater Time! (#1 Lure For Spring Topwater Action)

Spring is here and it’s topwater time so here’s the best lure for spring topwater action!!

The weather is slowly heating up and fish are willing to aggressively strike lures up on the surface.

Check out the video to find out why the Moonwalker is my favorite topwater lure for springtime action!!

Best Lure For Spring Topwater Action [VIDEO]

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➡Get the Moonwalker Topwater Lure

Look no further than our very own Moonwalker Topwater lure!

The Moonwalker is a walk-the-dog-style topwater lure with a unique feature.

This lure comes equipped and ready with single inline hooks.

It is rare to find a topwater lure on the current market sold with single inline hooks.

The back-and-forth zig-zag pattern this lure creates as it dances across the surface is eye-catching for any inshore saltwater fish.

Not only are you avoiding having to fiddle around and mess with treble hooks, but single inline hooks also prevent the smaller fish from taking your lure when a big fish is waiting to strike.

The hookup ratio is just as good if not better on bigger fish with single inline hooks.

But the smaller fish can’t get the lure or hooks in their mouth and this is actually a PRO.

If small fish pop the lure out of the water, it creates a lot of commotion on the surface attracting competing fish.

Some of my biggest fish caught on topwater lures were after a smaller fish missed the plug and a big fish took a swipe at it.

Another benefit to single inline hooks is it is easy to quickly untangle the line if it happens to wrap itself.

This is early season topwater fishing so it’s only going to get better from here!!

➡Get the Moonwalker Topwater Lure

Finding The Fish Help

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Kenneth Faircloth
10 months ago

My Red Dawg is just like the moon walker and trout love it. Three weeks till Beaufort SC. Can’t wait

11 months ago

Great video work; do you thing that maybe the horrid Trebble hook might have got him sooner, I love teasing LMBass over and over till they hook themselves in a swallow cypress lake flipping, but so many year of salt/surf wading with multiple plug loaded with Trebbles-yes I’ve been bite often- Are Singles Better? I have changes out most of my favorites but have a lot of misses.

Jan Radjeski
11 months ago

Awesome video Luke. Gotta love the moonwalker as it can be fished in so many different ways. Sometimes, when walking the dog isn’t producing a bite, I’ll just pitch it, give it a couple twitches and let it sit for10,20,30 seconds, then twitch it again and wham. fish on. The inline hooks have made a big difference too.

David Kenley
11 months ago

Top water has always been my favorite even on days when a jig might catch more fish. I also use top water lures in the hot time of the day when lots of people fish deeper. I just have to work a little harder ( more action ,vary the rate of retrive,hold my rod tip higher,and let the lure way out behind the boat as I drift.I hope this helps other fishermen. It works for me or I wouldn’t be doing it. I use most of the regular top water lures . I believe that you have a real winner here and I will certainly try it . Thanks. David

11 months ago

Top water is my favorite. To see the fish hit gets my heart going.

Frank Hunnes
11 months ago

Luke, as I mentioned before. I have had good luck with the bass lure the Whopper Plopper. I simply cast it out. Let it settle, pop it a couple of times and then just bring it back with a steady retrieve! Snook and Redfish love it too but watch out for the Jacks, they will murder it!!

Michael Cooper
11 months ago

It appears to be very affective top water I need one

robert brombach
11 months ago

Absolutely nothing beats a topwater bite! The rush you get is addictive! Once you experience that, like me, it becomes your first choice on the water. When fishing is slow with jigs, always try a topwater to get that reaction strike. Game on!

Eduardo Ramos
11 months ago

Just order one, can’t wait to use it !

Edward Wagner
11 months ago

Got one in the boat !


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