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Is There A SECRET Way To Work Your Lure?

Is there a secret way to work your lure to catch more fish? In this episode, we talk about the secret to retrieving lures...
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When To Use Topwater Lures In Winter Weather Conditions

When should you be using topwater lures in winter? Are they best to use in the early morning, midday, or late evening? The answer is...
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Wade Fishing A Redfish Frenzy [On-The-Water Report]

Have you ever run into a redfish bite quite like this? In this on-the-water footage, you will see how to go wade fishing for redfish...
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Salt Strong Moonwalker Topwater Lures ARE BACK!!!

Did you miss the Moonwalker as much as we did? THEY ARE BACK!!! Now is your chance to order more Moonwalker topwater lures...
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The Hunt For Juvenile Tarpon (Everything You Need To Know)

Where can you find juvenile tarpon? And once you've found them, how do you catch them? Tarpon are a tricky fish to trigger strikes from but...
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What To Bring In Your Tackle Box For Inshore Fishing

What tackle does an inshore angler need to have a successful day of fishing? The essentials for any inshore angler starts with...
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Fall Redfish Behavior Patterns (On-The-Water Tips & More)

What are the best tactics for catching more redfish this fall? If you want to learn more on-the-water tips, then check out the best ways to...
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Topwater Lure Vs. Paddletail Lure (Live On The Water)

Which is the better lure for early morning action: paddletail lure or topwater lure? In this live on the water video we answer this and...
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Topwater Power Fishing (And Why We Quit For This)

Want to know the secret to covering ground in the early morning and catching big fish on topwater lures? The key is power fishing which is...
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Where, When, & How To Find Big Speckled Trout In Fall

Do you want to know more about trout behavior patterns for the fall? You can set yourself up for success when targeting big trout by...
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Top 3 Must Have Lures For Jetty Fishing (Plus A Bonus Lure)

Do you often use artificial lures when fishing off the jetties for trout, redfish, and flounder? If you have these 3 lures then you will...
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How To Scout For Bull Redfish On The Flats (New Exploration Trip)

Trying a new fishing spot can be tricky and challenging. The real key to testing new waters is to cover ground and use a variety of...
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The Rapala Skitter Walk Topwater Lure Review (Pros, Cons, & Tactics)

Have you used the Rapala Skitter Walk topwater lure? It's one of the best lures to walk-the-dog and fire up the fishing but there is one...
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How To Catch Big Sharks On Topwater Lures (And Best Rigging)

If you've never caught sharks on topwater lures, you aren't living! It's is such an adrenaline rush and tons of fun, but if you don't use...
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The Lure You Should Be Using For Redfish In Shallow Water

Will a topwater lure spook off tailing redfish or elicit a strike? Most anglers will go the safe route and retrieve a soft plastic slowly...
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