EPIC Topwater Redfish Bite Fuels Inshore Tournament Victory!


While fishing with Insiders, we ran into an EPIC topwater redfish bite that fueled a tournament victory!

We found huge schools of tailing redfish ready to EAT.

Don’t miss this footage below!!

EPIC Topwater Redfish Bite [VIDEO]

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First Setup:

Second Setup:

Third Setup:

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On-The-Water Story

It’s tournament day!

We started out with a high tide so we anticipated fishing the falling tide throughout the entire morning.

The first lure I tossed out was the Rapala Skitterwalk and the fish were FIRED UP!

On an insane eat I reeled in the first redfish of the day.

From there, things kept heating up.

The redfish were submarining my topwater plug and were more than willing to strike up at the surface.

When the sun gets up, it is smart to go ahead and switch to a subsurface soft plastic lure like a jerk shad.

By changing to a lure that sits lower in the water column, you can increase your chances of catching a bigger fish.

We continued to catch quality redfish to hit our marks but couldn’t find that slob fish to put us over the top.

I made the change to a popping cork to try and look for a speckled trout.

Part of this tournament is also catching a BIG gator trout.

I pulled in a few smaller trout but needed to find that big one.

My favorite trick when there’s trout with ladyfish mixed in is to switch to a trout pattern Rapala Skitterwalk.

In times like this in the past, I’ve had success on topwater going after the bigger fish.

Later in the day, the tide started changing from slack to incoming and I switched to a Power Prawn USA.

We came up on a HUGE school of fish and my lure got snatched up by something BIG!

This was the redfish we’d be waiting for all day.

To cap off this insane day, I caught a monster black drum on the Power Prawn USA.

No doubt, the Prawn was the STAR of the entire trip.


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Barry Turner
6 months ago

Awesome as hell guys those are some great fish 🎣

johan Mukhalis
7 months ago

How are you working the prawn on those tailing reds? Slow crawl on the bottom?

johan Mukhalis
7 months ago

where is this?

martin smith
7 months ago

Leave a bite like that when my rods were broken otherwise I’m staying!

Calvin Spencer
7 months ago

Nice video, love the enthusiasm…

Hunter Smith
7 months ago

The catches were awesome to watch but seeing the excitement each time was even better! Loved the shake and bake reference! Oh and congratulations on the tournament success!

Tim Carroll
7 months ago

That was an awesome day Matt. Congrats to y’all, looked like a lot of fun.

Stewart Clendinen
7 months ago

MATT!!!! You ROCKED that video and the tourney. Your excitement is so infectious! Thank you.

Andy Hong
7 months ago

A W E S O M E video!

So much drag-screaming action.

And I love how you talk to the camera while you’ve got that big Black Drum turning your kayak!

Jon Fortune
7 months ago

Matt- that was epic! Congrats. Very entertaining and educational! “Shake and bake”. Very funny.


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